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Using Power Diary

The Basics

The basics of Power Diary: adding clients and working with appointments and invoices.

7 articles

Switching to Power Diary

Moving to Power Diary from another appointment management system? Start here.

5 articles

Accessing Power Diary

Learn how to log into your account and create shortcuts to Power Diary.

6 articles


Our integrated Telehealth system enables secure video consultation with your clients.

10 articles

System Settings

Learn how to configure your calendar, business information and more.

6 articles

Clients and Referrers

Learn how to add and manage clients and referrers.

9 articles

Session Notes and Files

Learn how to write session notes and save documents and files to a client's record.

5 articles

Calendars and Users

Learn how to manage your users and their permissions and add and manage calendars.

3 articles

Rosters and Locations

Learn how to set your availability and manage and configure your locations.

2 articles

Invoices and Payments

Learn about invoices, payments, receipts and statements.

19 articles

Services and Products

How to set up your services, products and configure session tracking.

4 articles

Appointment Reminders

Learn how to configure automatic and manual appointment reminders.

3 articles

Client Communication

Learn how to create communication templates, send messages and generate letters.

6 articles

Marketing Tools

Learn how to use Power Diary's powerful marketing tools to send bulk communication.

2 articles

Client Portal

Learn how to enable and configure your client self booking portal.

5 articles


Articles on which reports to run, how to run them and common reporting questions.

7 articles

Import and Export Data

Learn how to get your data in and out of Power Diary.

2 articles

Manage Your Account

Not sure how to check your invoices, or want to change your plan? Start here.

8 articles


Articles on how to troubleshoot various errors or common issues.

8 articles

Online Forms

1 article

Support News and Announcements

13 articles



Learn how to setup your account for DVA claiming and submit claims.

4 articles


Learn how to connect Power Diary to PhysiTrack.

1 article

Secure Messaging

Articles pertaining to sending information securely to referrers or others.

1 article

Tyro (AUS only)

Our Australian clients can learn to connect Power Diary to your Tyro terminal.

4 articles


Learn how to configure your account for Medicare claiming and submit claims.

9 articles


Learn how to connect your account to Stripe and process credit card payments.

3 articles


Learn how to connect your Power Diary and Xero accounts and send your data to Xero.

2 articles


Learn how to connect your account to MailChimp and send email addresses to a list.

3 articles

Google Calendar

Learn how to connect Power Diary to Google Calendar to sync your appointments.

2 articles