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Using Power Diary

The Basics

The basics of Power Diary: adding clients and working with appointments and invoices.

17 articles

Subscription and Billing

Not sure how to check your invoices, or want to change your plan? Start here.

7 articles

Account Management

What you need to know about managing your account and security information.

14 articles

Moving to Power Diary

Moving to PD - whether from another system or your own records, start here:

30 articles


Account setup guides and training guides for staff members

5 articles

Accessing Power Diary

Learn how to log into your account and create shortcuts to Power Diary.

11 articles

Practitioners and Users

Learn how to manage your users and their permissions and add and manage practitioner.

10 articles

Managing Calendars

10 articles

Availability and Locations

Learn how to set your availability and manage and configure your locations.

6 articles

Clients and Referrers

Learn how to add and manage clients and referrers.

23 articles

Session Notes and Files

Learn how to write session notes and save documents and files to a client's record.

11 articles

Online Forms

Learn how to build and send forms for your clients to complete online.

9 articles


Learn how to create communication templates, send messages and generate letters.

22 articles

Power Diary Telehealth

Our integrated Telehealth system enables secure video consultation with your clients.

13 articles

Appointment Reminders

Learn how to configure automatic and manual appointment reminders.

10 articles

Services and Products

How to set up your services, products and configure session tracking.

7 articles

Invoices and Payments

Learn about invoices, payments, receipts and statements.

35 articles

Session Packs

Learn how to track sessions, money or hours spent working with a client

5 articles

Insurance Management (USA Only)

Learn how to record and manage insurance information in accounts located in the USA

3 articles


5 articles

Client Portal

Learn how to enable and configure your client self booking portal.

8 articles

Rooms and Resources

Rooms and Resources

3 articles

Marketing Tools

Learn how to use Power Diary's powerful marketing tools to send bulk communication.

4 articles

Practice Manual

The ready-to-go Practice Manual for your business.

2 articles


Articles on which reports to run, how to run them and common reporting questions.

11 articles

Export Data

Learn how to get your data in and out of Power Diary.

1 article

FAQs and Pro-Tips

These articles that answer the most frequent questions and offer pro-tips

48 articles


Articles on how to troubleshoot various errors or common issues.

14 articles

Support News and Announcements

26 articles



Learn how to connect your account to Stripe and process credit card payments.

5 articles


Learn how to connect your Power Diary and Xero accounts and send your data to Xero.

3 articles


Learn how to connect your account to MailChimp and send email addresses to a list.

3 articles

Google Calendar

Learn how to connect Power Diary to Google Calendar to sync your appointments.

2 articles

Outlook Calendar

Learn how to connect Power Diary to Outlook calendar to sync appointments

3 articles

Secure Messaging

Articles pertaining to sending information securely to referrers or others.

1 article

Tyro (AUS only)

Our Australian clients can learn to connect Power Diary to your Tyro terminal.

6 articles

Medicare (AUS only)

Learn how to configure your account for Medicare claiming and submit claims.

10 articles

DVA (AUS only)

Learn how to setup your account for DVA claiming and submit claims.

5 articles


Learn how to connect Power Diary to PhysiTrack.

1 article