Creating, Editing and Deleting a Client Appointment

Create and manage client appointments in Power Diary easily.

You can create a new appointment with a client from the calendar. In addition, you can edit an existing appointment that you’ve already created. You can delete an appointment as well.  

In this article:

Creating a New Appointment 

You can schedule a new appointment with your client on the Calendar page. 

Here’s how:   

1. Using you mouse cursor, highlight the time-slot in which you’d like to create a new appointment. 
2. The New Appointment Panel will open up.  

3. The appointment booking panel is divided into three sections: When & WhereClient and Appointment Details. Fill in the information asked under each section. 


4. After filling in the appointment information, click Save. This will add your newly created appointment to your Power Diary calendar. 


Editing an Existing Appointment 

You can reschedule an existing appointment – or edit its information. Here’s how: 

1. On the Calendar page, click on the appointment you want to edit. This will put a red box around the selected appointment and open the Appointment Settings Panel

2. The Appointment Settings Panel is divided into three sections: When & WhereAppointment Details and Invoice. Here, you can reschedule the appointment, change its location, or change the health professional assigned to it. In addition, you can change the appointment status, flag and notes – plus update the amount, services and products listed in the appointment invoice.



1. The Appointment Comments section can be used for recording what Episode of Care this appointment was scheduled for, in case you provide treatment for different episodes of care to the same client. This will help you to filter the  Appointments report by Appointment Notes. 

2. When you change the original Service, Pack, or Product or add more of those on the already existing appointment, this will not update the Appointment Duration/Time automatically. Please change the Time in the When & Where section of the Appointment Panel manually if necessary. 

3 . You can select the Rescheduled status on the appointment panel and leave it in the original time slot. Book another appointment in the new time slot. This will allow you to easily see the history of this appointment later. The Rescheduled status of the appointment releases this time slot and makes it available for your clients to book online.

3. After making the changes, click Save. This will apply the edits to the appointment. 

Hint 💡

You can reschedule an appointment by dragging and dropping it on the appropriate time-slot in the calendar. Here’s how: 

  • To change the date or time of the appointment, drag it with your mouse cursor to the new time-slot.  
  • To increase or decrease the appointment duration, drag the top or bottom edges of the appointment up and down until it occupies the time-slot you want. 

Deleting an Appointment 

To delete an appointment from your calendar, follow these steps: 

1. On the Calendar page, click on the appointment you want to delete. This will open the booking panel

2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the booking panel and click Delete below the Save button. 

Hint 💡

Another way to delete an appointment is to right-click on it – and click Delete Appointment from the pop-up menu. 

Viewing Appointment Log 

The Appointment Log records all the changes that were made to the appointment. It records the user details, date, time and the nature of the update. 

To view the Appointment Log, 

  • click on the appointment on the Calendar view to open the Appointment Panel.  
  • In the Appointment Details section, click on the Show Appointment Log icon.


  • View the Appointment Log entries.