Setting up Your Client Portal

Set up your Client Portal to enable online bookings, manage appointments, and accept payments. Learn how to customize, verify clients, and more.

The Client Portal is a powerful tool you get included free with your Power Diary account. The Client Portal allows your clients (both new and existing) to quickly view, book and manage existing appointments online, reducing your administration time. You can also enable the online credit card processing feature so that your clients can pay for their appointments at the time of booking.

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To use your Client Portal you'll need to first activate it from within your Power Diary account and set it up to work exactly as you'd like. This only takes a few minutes. Once this is done, you can place the special link to your Client Portal on your website and on your outgoing emails. You'll soon be getting new clients, bookings and payments 24/7 without doing a thing!  

In this article:

Enabling the Client Portal

The first thing you'll want to do is edit the Portal URL name to something like your business name. By default, this is a randomized alphanumeric string to get you started. Next, enable the Client Portal. Here's how you can do this:

    1. Go to Settings β†’ Client Portal.
    2. Toggle Clients can manage their appointments to switch it on. 
    3. Click Save.

Hint πŸ’‘

If your Power Diary account is connected to Stripe, you can accept credit card payments through the Client Portal. To enable this, sign in to your Power Diary dashboard and go to Settings β†’ Integrations β†’ Credit Card Billing.

Setting up Client Portal Notifications

You may want your clients to receive an email or SMS when they book or cancel an appointment. You may want your practitioners (or yourself) to receive such notifications as well. All of this can easily be enabled.

1. Go to Settings β†’ Client Portal.
2. Navigate to Notifications. On this page, you can select a custom template for each of the three events. (These are added under Tools β†’ Communication β†’ Templates):

  • When a new client registers through your Client Portal;
  • When a client books an appointment with you
  • When a client cancels an appointment with you. 
Once you select the templates for the three events, you can select who gets the automatic email notifications. You can send notifications to Calendar contacts (practitioners), clients or any other email address of your choice.

Once you're done selecting templates for the notifications - and have turned on notifications for the relevant people, just click Save to apply the changes you've made.

Customizing the Client Portal 

You can customize the look and feel of your Client Portal to suit your business - so it blends in with your existing branding. To modify the branding of the Client Portal, follow the steps below.
    1. Go to Settings β†’ Client Portal
    2. Navigate to Branding
    3. On this page, you can upload a header image or business logo.


You may need to resize your Logo image for the best fit. There are some free online tools that you can use, for example, Adobe here. At the Resize step in the Resize For field, please select Custom from the dropdown, and then type the desired Width dimensions. The Height will update automatically. 

Adding Custom Booking Instructions

You may also want to add some custom text to the Client Portal. You can do this by going to Settings β†’ Client Portal β†’ Access and Settings. Scroll down until you see the Special Booking Instructions field. Here, you can add any text that you like. 

Adding Terms and Conditions

You also have the option to define Terms and Conditions for your clients. By clicking "Book Now" your clients accept them.

Verifying New Clients

When a new client you don't know signs up through the Client Portal for the first time to book an appointment with you, it's a good idea to verify their identity. Power Diary makes it easy for you to do this by offering Email and SMS verification. By enabling this feature, you also ensure that every new client that signs up through your Client Portal is providing valid contact details.


A dedicated Toll-Free Number (TFN) is required to send/receive SMS messages in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Barbados. For more details, please click here

Email and SMS Verification: How it Works

  1. When a new client signs up through your Client Portal, they can enter their email address or phone number to verify their identity.
  2. Once done, the client will receive an email in their inbox containing the short verification code or an SMS with a short verification code depending on the verification method you selected in the settings.
  3. All the client has to do is enter and submit the verification code and they will be redirected to your Client Portal where they can book an appointment with you.


With SMS verification, Power Diary sends an SMS from your account. This is charged as one SMS and will show up in your SMS Usage Report as 'Activation Code Fee'.

Of the two verification methods, we recommend you choose SMS verification for two main reasons:

  1. It is easy to use for your clients: With SMS verification, clients have to pick up their phone, look at the code and enter it on your Client Portal, which is fast and easy. With email verification, your emails might arrive late in your client's inbox or worse - become flagged as spam. This means your clients might run into trouble finding your verification email.
  2. It ensures only real customers sign up: When you confirm identities via SMS, you ensure that only real people sign up - since the phone companies have already done the hard work of verifying the user. With email, this isn't the case as anyone who creates an account can fake their name, age, location and more.

Nominating Available Services

The Client Portal not only lets your clients book appointments with a clinician of their choice - it also lets them choose the exact service they want in their appointment.

That's why you want to make sure your Client Portal shows the right services for each and every clinician in your Power Diary account. This will make sure clients can only book for those services your clinicians can actually perform.

With that being said, here's how to enable/disable services for clinicians in the Client Portal:

  1. Go to Settings β†’ Client Portal.
  2. Navigate to Available Services.

Here, you will see two options:

  1. Group by Practitioner: On this page, you can set which practitioner can offer which services by toggling those that they can provide. 
  2. Group by Services: On this page, you can select a service and choose for which practitioners that service will be available for booking purposes.

After you make the changes, Power Diary will automatically apply your desired settings to your Client Portal, making it easy for your clients to book the right services with the right clinicians.

Nominating Available Times

The times that show up as available for a practitioner in the Client Portal are determined by that practitioner's availability. You can add and manage availability by going to Settings β†’ Availability


Make sure you have set your timezone correctly in your Power Diary account. By doing so, the availability times you have set in the availability will display exactly the same way to your clients in the Client Portal. If your clients live in a different time zone, the Client Portal will display the availability times to those clients according to their device time settings. 

To set the account timezone, go to Settings β†’ Configuration β†’ Business Info.

To set the client's time zone, go to Client Profile β†’Details


  • When a client registers in the portal for the first time, which 'calendar contact' is the notification sent to?

If a client registers on the portal without making a booking, the new client is assigned a primary practitioner. The primary practitioner for the account is set up Settings > Practitioners > Select the desired practitioner > Settings > Enable "Default for New Clients". The primary practitioner for an individual client can be changed any time by going to the client's profile and navigating to Admin β†’ Manage.

If after registration, the new client books an appointment with a different practitioner, the appointment practitioner will be set up as the client's Primary Practitioner automatically.  The new appointment booked notification will be sent to the appointment practitioner. 

  • Can I offer multiple locations with the same availability for online bookings? 

Yes, you can. When the available spot is booked in one Location, the other locations are blocked out on the appointment's Calendar, to prevent double-booking.

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