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Updates to How We Refer to Practitioners

We have completed updating the terminology in our system and documentation in regard to how we refer to the people who take bookings. This could be practitioners, care providers or supervision staff, but refers essentially to anyone with a calendar. 

Early on, we initially called these 'diaries' in the system. Over time, this changed to 'calendars'. However, referring to these as calendars did not accurately describe their role. In fact, these are best described as Practitioners. Each Practitioner represents a person taking on bookings, that has a client database linked to them, and determines a user's permissions to those clients. It is the Practitioner that has a calendar to facilitate their booking schedule, but they are not themselves a calendar – they are much more. More recently, we have began using the term Practitioner in the system when referring to this.

With careful consideration, we have decided upon rebranding and consolidating this term to  Practitioner. This change will be rolled out throughout the system, our documentation, and our vocabulary when referring to this. 

The first step in renaming will take place in our Settings menu with the update of the previous  Calendars menu item to Practitioners. This page and those linked to it will all be updated to reflect the use of Practitioner in place of diaries or calendars. 

Hint 💡

Please rest assured that functionality and subscription billing has not been changed. Each Practitioner will have a calendar for their bookings, and your account's subscription will remain based on the number of active Practitioners. You can check this by navigating to Settings → Subscription as the registered owner of the account.

Finally, we understand that this term may not represent all uses of the "calendar", and there may be cases in which a calendar has not been created for the person taking on bookings, or that this person may not be a Practitioner. This change in terminology does not invalidate these uses of the system, but rather gives us clear terminology for communication – whatever or whomever that may be.

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on support@powerdiary.com.