Making, Editing and Deleting Appointments

To manage your schedule, you can easily keep track your current, past and future appointments. Here's how.

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How To Create a New Appointment

Creating a new appointment in Power Diary is easy.

  • Using the rows and columns on the dashboard to navigate your way around, you can simply click on the appropriate ‘block’ to select the date and time on which you’d like to create an appointment. You can either select a single half-hour block or multiple blocks if you want to schedule a longer appointment

  • Once you select the blocks, a panel will open on the right side of the dashboard called ‘NEW APPOINTMENT’. Here, you can fine-tune the details of the appointment you want to set up.
  • This panel is divided into three sections:
  1. When and Where: Here you can adjust the date, time and location of the appointment. Moreover, you can also select whether this appointment is for your client, for yourself or for a group.
  2. Client: If you select ‘CLIENT’ in the first section, another section by the same name will open up. Here, you can enter the name of the client with whom you’ll be having the appointment. Note: A client’s name will only show up if you have entered their information in Power Diary.
  3. Appointment Details: Here, you can enter additional details about the appointment. For example, you can add a comment, select which service you’ll be providing your client in that appointment and other important details.

After you complete the information in this panel, simply click on the green ‘save’ button to save your new appointment on your calendar.

How To Edit An Existing Appointment

There are three simple ways you can edit an existing appointment that’s on your Power Diary dashboard.

Method 1. Drag and drop an appointment to move it to another time or day.

Just put your cursor over the appointment you’d like to move - and drag it over to another block. This will automatically change the time and date of that appointment.

Method 2. Drag the top or bottom of an appointment to change its time.

Just hover your cursor on the top or bottom edge of an appointment. An arrow will appear. Once it does, simple click your mouse and drag the block to extend or reduce the time period of the appointment.

Method 3. Click on an appointment to change any of its details.

If you want to change the details of an existing appointment such as the date and location, you can simply click on the appointment. The panel will open from the right side which will enable you to change all details of that appointment.

How To Delete An Appointment

Deleting an appointment from your schedule is easy. Here are two ways you can do that:

Method 1. Click on the ‘x’ button.

If you hover your cursor over an appointment, you’ll see that an ‘x’ icon will appear on the top-right corner of that appointment block. Simply click on it to remove the appointment from your dashboard.

Method 2. Delete an appointment from the side panel.

If you simply click on the appointment, its side panel will appear from the right side. Move your mouse to the top of the panel and click on ‘Edit mode’. Then simply scroll down and you’ll see the ‘delete’ option written in red. Click on it and confirm to delete that appointment.

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