Making, Editing and Deleting Appointments

Now that you have your clients, you're going to want to add appointments for them. Follow on below to learn how to add the appointments, edit them and delete them.

Making an Appointment

  1. Click to select a time in the calendar (can be one or more 'blocks')
  2. Chose your appointment type (Client, Personal or Group)
  3.  Enter the details and click 'Save'

 Here's  a quick video:

Editing an Appointment (Three quick ways)

Method 1: Drag and drop

Hover over the coloured bar on the appointment until a tour-headed arrow appears, click, drag and drop anywhere on the calendar.

Method 2: Drag start or finish time

Hover over the top or bottom of an appointment until a two-headed arrow appears, click and drag the start or end time as required.

Method 3: Manually edit date or time

Click on the appointment and edit the Date and Time details in the Appointment Panel and Save.

  Here's a quick video:

Deleting an Appointment (Two quick ways)

Method 1: Click the cross

Hover over the appointment and click the " X" in the appointment.

Method 2: Use the Appointment Panel

Click on the appointment and then click the " Delete" button at the bottom of the Appointment Panel.

  Here's a quick video:

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