Client Reports

You can generate a range of reports relating to your clients and referrals.  To access Client Reports go Reports > Clients. Click on the report you wish to generate, select the date range you are interested in and the run the report. All reports can be printed, exported into Excel for further analysis and custom reporting, or exported to PDF.

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  • Summarises and totals appointments over a particular date range.
  • See total number of attended, cancelled, etc, appointments in a date range.
  • Report on appointment flags, including the flag associated with client portal bookings in order to view total number of appointments booked through the client portal in a time period
  • Includes the client name, mobile, client type, date and time of appointment, diary, appointment flag, appointment status.

Client Birthdays

  • Shows clients who have upcoming birthdays within the selected date range.
  • Includes the clients name and date of birth.

Client Statistics

  • Categorises all clients into their relevant client status and client type.
  • Filter for new clients based on when they were entered into the system, or choose to report on all clients
  • Client status' and client types can be customsied in Setup > Custom Lists.
  • Includes the clients name, mobile, client type, gender, client status, date created, default diary, age.

Client Classification Breakdown

  • Categories clients who are a part of the selected classifications.
  • See which clasifications are associated with higher number of appointments.
  • Filtered based on new clients who were entered between particular dates, or remove the dates to report on all clients.
  • Classifications are customised in Setup > Custom Lists > Classifications.
  • Includes the clients name, mobile, email, diary, classifications, number of appointments, date client was created.

Client Retention

  • See average number of appointments over a clients lifetime.
  • A clients lifetime is based on the date that the client record was created to the point at which they have no future appointments booked. This is defined using the start and end date filters. The client retention report uses a 'client lifetime' metric to generate the list. This is defined by the date of a client's first appointment to the point at which they have no future appointments booked. This means that the start and end date filters find all clients who have their first appointment on or after the start date but have no further appointments booked after the end date.
  • Provides a calculated average number of appointments per client.
  • Includes client name, date client added, date of first appointment, date of last appointment, number of appointments, default diary.

Client Referral Expiry

  • Displays clients whose referral is expiring within the selected period.
  • Includes client name, diary name, referral source, date of referral expiry.

New Clients

  • New Clients whose profiles have been created within a specified period. (ie who are my new Clients from the last week).
  • Can be filtered to report on new clients based on the date that the client profile was created, or based on the date of the first appointment for the client.
  • Includes client name, mobile, client type, email, diary of appointment, date of birth, referred by, date client added, date of first appointment.

Inactive Clients

  • Displays clients who have not made an appointment since a specified date.
  • Use the 'Clients who have never had an appointment' filter to find clients who have no appointments booked.
  • Use for targeting clients who require follow-up or re-engagement. Also can be used to determine clients that can be archived.
  • Includes client name, date of birth, mobile, email, address, last diary seen, last appointment date.

Membership Expiry

  • Lists clients memberships which are expiring in the selected period.
  • Includes client name, mobile, membership type, membership expiry date.

Appointment Count

  • Displays a list of clients who have had X number of appointments in a given period.
  • Can be used for tracking session numbers.
  • Includes client name, number of appointments, first appointment date.

Client Sources (How clients heard about us)

  • Breaks down how many new clients there were for each how-heard category. 
  • Includes client name, marketing source, total amount billed (based on sum of invoiced amount for that client). 
  • Group by the 'How Heard' column to see total amount that has been billed from that marketing source. 

Hint 💡

You can use grouping and filtering to further refine report results. Learn how in the articles below.

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