Creating, Editing and Managing Group Appointments

Group appointments are a type of appointment that enables multiple clients to attend. These are great for running group sessions, classes or programs.  You can set maximum participant numbers, as well as enable clients to book into your Group Appointments online using your Client Portal.

In this article:

Creating a new Group appointment

The process for creating a group appointment is the same one used to create a standard appointment.

Simply choose a block of time in your calendar.

The appointment settings panel will open.

Here, instead of choosing the ‘Client’ icon, click on the ‘Group’ icon instead to turn your appointment into a Group appointment.

Once done, confirm the date, time and clinic location of the appointment, and scroll down the panel to the ‘appointment details’ section.

Next, enter the name of your group, and if desired coloured appointment flag makes it stand out in your calendar.

Once you are satisfied with the changes, click on the green ‘Save’ button to create your new group appointment.

Adding/removing clients in your new group appointment

Adding or removing a new client(s) to your group appointment is easy.

To add a new client, simply click on the group appointment in your calendar and the ‘appointment settings’ panel will open on the right side of the screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the panel till you see the ‘participants’ section.

There are two ways you can add clients to your group appointment.

  1. You can search for existing clients that you’ve previously added to your account; or
  2. You can create a new client profile and add them to your group appointment directly.

After you’ve added clients to your group appointment, you’ll see them displayed below as ‘group participants’.

If you wish to remove a client from your Group appointment, simply click on the trash can icon next to their name.  

Setting Participant Limits

Look for the ‘participants’ setting under ‘appointment details’ in the ‘appointment settings’ panel and choose the number of participants you want in your group appointment if you want your group to not exceed a specific number of members.

Updating a Participant’s Status

On the far right side of the client names, you’ll see that the client has been provided with a status. This can be edited by using the dropdown (or will be updated automatically if you use Text Message Appointment Reminders.

Here is the complete list of statuses you can use and a screenshot of what the list of clients will look like after you update their statuses:

These are the same as for standard Client appointments.

Adding services and charging payments to a client in your group appointment

To add the services you will offer to each client and its accompanying payment, simply click on the client name listed under ‘Group participants.

A new settings panel will open for that specific client.

Scroll down to the very bottom until you see the ‘invoices’ section.

It will look like this:

Here, you can add one or more Services or Payments to the client’s invoice.

Once you’re done simply click on the ‘Save’  and then  ‘Back to group’.

Now finally review the information in your Group appointment and click on ‘save’ again to save the group appointment.

Sending a Group Email or SMS

In Power Diary, you can broadcast a single email or SMS to all members of your group appointment.

To do so, click on your group appointment and scroll down the settings panel until you see the ‘Participants’ section. On its very right, you’ll see a chat bubble icon on the right side of the printer icon.

Click on the chat icon to access the messaging window.

Here, you can type in any message you want - and it will be sent to all participants of the group appointment.  

Sending Appointment Reminders

By default, every client in a group appointment will receive a reminder based on your account wide reminder settings, or a client’s individual reminder settings.

If you like, however, you can turn reminders on or off for individual clients in the group by clicking on their name on the ‘Participants’ section.

Here’s how:

To send a manual reminder to your group at any time, simply right-click the group appointment and choose either ‘Email Appointment Reminder’ or ‘SMS Email Reminder’ from the pop-up menu to send the reminder.  This will be sent within a few minutes.

Printing Participant List

You can print the participant details of your group appointment. Click on the printer icon on the far right top corner of the ‘participants’ section. This will open a PDF file in your browser with the details of each member in your group appointment. You can either save it or print it.

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