Adding New Clients 4 Ways

Before you can start booking appointments, you will want to add clients to your account. After adding a client, you'll be able to book appointments with them, communicate with them via SMS/Email, invoice them and much more. In this article, you'll learn four easy ways to add clients to your Power Diary account. 

Here's the video:

Here are the steps:

Method #1:

Click on the desired time-block where you want to schedule an appointment for the new client.
In the Appointment Settings Panel, click the + New Client button - and add the client's details. 
Add other details of the appointments (services, products, appointment flag, etc.) and click Save

Method #2

On the left-hand side bar, navigate to People → Create.
Toggle the Client switch and add the client's details. Click Next.
In the details page, fill in the details of the client and click Save Changes

Method #3

On the left-hand side bar, navigate to  Setup   Data Import
Click on Select Files and upload the file containing your client profile info. (or simply drag and drop the files on the page). 
Add any special instructions or information in the notes section that you want our team to be aware of - and click Submit.

Method #4

On the left-hand side bar, navigate to Setup  Client Portal
Click Enable the Client Portal if you haven't. Also, make your desired settings on the Access and Settings, Notifications, Branding and Available Services page.

Share your Client Portal URL to your new clients. 

That's it. Your new clients will be able to use the Client Portal to create a profile in your account and book an appointment with you.  


  1. Can I add my own fields to the client details page?
  2. The fields in the client details page are fixed on a system-level and are not customisable.
  3. Why is the Medicare/DVA/BUPA field not showing up in the clients' details page?
  4. The Medicare/DVA/BUPA field only shows up on those client profiles that have Medicare/DVA/BUPA added as an insurer in their profile under  Billing → Insurance
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