Using The Availability Finder

The Availability Finder helps you find an empty slot in your Power Diary calendar so you can quickly book an appointment for your client. To access the Availability Finder, click on the menu icon on the top-right corner of your calendar's toolbar. 

In the menu list, click Availability

This will bring up the Availability Finder. To get started, set the three filters to your desired settings. This includes:

  • Duration: Specify the time duration of your appointment.
  • With: Choose the practitioner with whom the patient's appointment will be with. 
  • Location: Set the location where your appointment will take place. 

Hint 💡

If you aren't seeing a location for which you want to book an appointment for a practitioner, please go to SETUP → Rosters and make sure the practitioner is set to be available at that location.  

After applying your desired filters, the availability finder will quickly display open time slots that match your desired settings.  Click on a suitable date, and choose a time. This will open the appointment settings panel on which you can finalise the booking.

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