Moving from Genie to Power Diary

Make your move from Genie to Power Diary stress-free with our complimentary data import service. Read our guide for detailed steps and more information.

We can import your data from Genie into your Power Diary account! 

  • Practices often move from Genie to Power Diary, and as such, we have invested in developing a streamlined process for importing Genie Data, which allows our team to prepare your data for import in a more efficient and timeous manner. 
  • We want to make your move from Genie as seamless and pain-free as possible. Once you have made the decision to move over to Power Diary, we are able to assist with importing data into your Power Diary account as a once-off complimentary service. There are no charges associated with the import. 
  • If your migration to Power Diary is time sensitive, please contact us to discuss the option of booking your import in with our Team, to ensure that it gets the priority that it needs.

This article covers:

Additional information:

Please click on these links to access additional important/relevant information to your data import, and getting ready to switch over to using Power Diary.

    Important: Please read through the above articles as they contain information generic to  all data imports/migrations, but not included in this Genie-specific article.  If you have any questions that aren't answered in any of these articles, we encourage you to contact us. 

    We can import the following Genie data:

    based on previous Genie imports conducted by our Team, we can import:

    • Client Profiles
    • Client Contacts
    • Client Insurers
    • Referrers
    • Third Parties
    • Appointments
    • Clinical Notes (from Consults, pathology, prescription, and scripts)
    • Client documents (including letters):  see requirements in our "Importing your Data FAQ" helpdesk article - click here

    * If there is any other data that is of particular importance to you, to have imported, and has not been mentioned in the above list, please let us know, and our Team can check your data to try to locate that data and ascertain if it is viable for import.

    Exporting your data from Genie

    Genie data tends to be provided in XML format, which our team can work with.

    • To export the entire database to XML please see the steps in the helpdesk article published by Genie on their website.
      • Clicking the XML Export button in the Admin tab and following this process should result in the entire database being exported into an XML_Export folder in your Genie folder.
    • There is also more information on how to import / export data from Genie located in the Genie manual (this is for v7).
    • If the data needs to be split from other Genie data, (eg: you are just wanting to extract data for one particular practitioner) you may need to contact Genie to discuss/request this.. Genie may provide you/the clinic that you are practicing from currently, with two different options to get your data extracted.  Genie will need to split your data from the remainder of the Clinic's Data and provide it to you in a standard XML database format.  
    • We believe that there is a cost attached to this.  This is the format that is optimal for us to work with

    • Please note: Data extraction can be done directly through your Genie Account, whereby you can extract individual XML files per patient .   
      **We can work with this format, however the data points that can be imported may be different to those mentioned above, and the import will need to be done manually, not using our streamlined process. The quality and quantity of the data that can be imported to your PD account will very likely be compromised and limited if you provide us with data via this method.

    If you are unsure how to export your data from Genie, please reach out directly to their support team as they would be best placed to assist you with this.

    Important Notes

    • We do not yet have any Important Notes to share that are specific to just Genie data.  We do recommend that you read all generic "Important notes" relevant to importing your data, as documented here as there are relevant learnings and important information relevant to your data import that you need to be aware of.


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