Logging into Your Power Diary Account

You can log in to Power Diary on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Here's how: 


Here are the steps:

Open your web browser and type in www.powerdiary.com
Click on the login button on the top-right corner. 
Type in your email address and password.


If you created your Power Diary account before June 2019, you should use the username, not your email address. Email us at support@powerdiary.com if you forgot the username. 

Click Log In.

That's it! You'll land on your Power Diary calendar. 

Pro-tip 💡

  • Click on the checkbox labelled Remember me? When you remain logged in, the session will remain open when you close your mobile browser or move to another app so you don't need to keep logging in.
  • Note that if you log yourself out of your Power Diary account, your email and password will not be auto-filled at the login page - this is done and offered by your browser's password manager the first time you log in.

Forgot your email address/password?

Learn here how to reset your email address and/or password.

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