Practice Setup Guide - Advanced

Explore advanced Power Diary features to enhance business efficiency. Learn user management, account subscription, reports, invoices, and setting up your practice manual.

Once the basics are set up, let's have a deeper look into the available functionality designed to help you manage the business more efficiently:

In this article:

Managing Practitioners and Users

  1. For additional security when accessing the account, activate 2-Factor Authentication for you and the other users. 
  2. If you are the Master User/Account owner, it is worth knowing how to manage your master user login details
  3. Follow the steps provided here when a practitioner leaves the practice
  4. The Log File feature will allow you to track user activity in the account. 
  5. In addition to the Log File, there are Activity Logs available for each invoice, appointment, session note, and online form (the note and online form logs can be found at the bottom-right corner of each note and form)
  6. For the ease of managing multiple Power Diary accounts with one user login, please consider setting up a parent account

Managing Your Account Subscription and Data

  1. You can
    - check your current subscription plan,
    - view, download, or print invoices and receipts,
    - and update credit card details directly from your account. 
  2. If you need to close or suspend your Power Diary account, please follow the instructions provided here
  3. We can help you transfer data between Power Diary accounts
  4. You can download a copy of your data via the Data Export feature at any time.

Using the Reports Feature

  1. Start with the overview of the available reports
  2. Learn about using the Report Filters and Grouping Reports.
  3. The Client Reports will help you learn more about your clients and referrers. 
  4. The Financial Reports will allow you to keep the accounting in order. 
  5. The System Reports will help you manage the other aspects of the business. 
  6. The Advanced Search functionality will help you generate lists of clients, referrers, contacts, and third parties for bulk profile updates and bulk communication. 

Managing Invoices and Payments

Please have a proper look at this collection of knowledgebase articles that cover everything you need to know about managing invoices, payments, receipts, and statements

Setting Up Your Practice Manual

Each Power Diary account is provided with over 100 ready-to-go policies and procedures that can be modified to suit your needs and provide you with the complete Practice Manual for your business. This article  introduces the Practice Manual and teaches you to use it to your advantage.