Moving from Cliniko to Power Diary

Practices are moving from Cliniko to Power Diary every week. To find out why and learn how the two compare check out our Power Diary vs Cliniko Comparison Article. We want to make your move from Cliniko as seamless and pain-free as possible, so we offer to import your Cliniko data for you! Simply export your data from Cliniko and upload it to our import team by logging into your Power Diary account and going to Setup > Data Import.

We can import the following Cliniko data:

  • Appointments
  • Clients
  • Client Contacts
  • Client Notes
  • Referrers
  • Referrals
  • Products
  • Services (Cliniko call these 'Billable Items')
  • Third Parties (Billers)
  • Invoices, Invoice Items, Payments & Payment Allocations (we require all four files to be able to import the set of financial data)

Not sure how to export your data from your Cliniko account? Follow the steps below (screenshots courtesy of the Cliniko help desk 😊)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Exports.
  2. Select the data you would like to export and a date range (if you select 'Anytime' this will export all your data).
  3. Click the Export Data button, when the file is ready, click the 'Download button'.

    Your data will then download onto your computer in CSV format, which can then be imported into your Power Diary account! Just log in to Power Diary and go to Setup > Data Import and upload the CSV files for import. Our import team will then be in contact once the data has been imported.

Don't have a Power Diary account? No problem! Get started with a 14-day free trial.

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