Custom Lists

There are various uses for the Custom Lists feature of our software. Below is a short summary of each of the Custom Lists we offer and links to any additional articles with further information.

In this article:

Appointment Flags

This feature allows you to colour code your Appointments on your calendar. The "Using Coloured Appointment Flags" article gives your more in-depth information on this feature.

Client Classifications

This feature allows you to more closely track and report on your clients. For more information go to our "Setting Up and Using Client Classifications" support article.

Client Marketing Sources

This feature lets you track how your customers heard about your business. Go to "Recording Client Sources" for more information about using this list.

Client Statuses

This status is selected on the patient profile. Setting up these Statuses will give you another tracking method with your customers and will also give you the ability to run the Statistics Report. This allows you to see Client Status and Client Type. Find more information about Client Statuses here.

Client Types

Client Types is another way you can categorize your patients to help with tracking and reporting. Learn more about Client Types here.

Gender Options

With all the changes in the world we know it's good to have options. If you'd like to setup additional Gender options to choose from, you can do that here. Your site comes with the three following options but you can add additional options using the Add Gender Options button. These will be added to the list as blue links you can edit and deactivate when and if needed.


This is where you can input your various different insurers that Patients will have. Find more information on adding Insurers here.

Payment Methods

In this list you can add and deactivate different Payment Methods that you have available to you. Learn more about Payment Methods here.

Referrer Types

This list is for the various doctor referrals you may receive. This allows you to track who sent the patient to you. For more information on setting up Referrers, click here.

Relationship Types

If you have multiple members of the family in your practice, it maybe be beneficial to you to know how they are related. You can set those designations up here then select them from the Client Profile. This also helps with setting up Client Contacts as well. 

Saleable Categories

This list is another that will allow you to track and report more segmented information. This can be helpful if you have multiple services that you want to report on individually. The Saleable Category is designated within the setup screen for the different Services and Products. 

Tags for Client Files

Each client profile has a section for File Uploads. These are tags you can assign to the files to help with organization. Read more about organizing Client Files here.

Tax Rates

Depending where you are located, you may need to deactivate or add to the Tax Rates that exists in the software. This is where you would add or edit those rates.

Cancellation Reasons

These cancellation reasons will be available as a drop-down on an appointment panel after one of these Appointment Statuses is selected: Rescheduled, Cancelled, Late Cancellation or No Show

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