Setting Up and Allocating Client Types

Easily categorize and manage clients in Power Diary by setting up client types. Enhance billing accuracy, marketing effectiveness, and reporting with custom client classifications.

In your clinic, you deal with many different types of clients. Categorizing them based on their type would help you serve them more effectively. For example, if you’re a health provider, you might want to sort your clients into the following client types: ‘Medicare’, ‘Worker’s Insurance’, ‘Private Health Insurance' and more.

In Power Diary, you can easily do this by creating Client Types. Doing so will help you bill your clients more accurately, improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and generate reports based on client types.

In this article:

Setting Up Client Types

Here's how you can easily create new client types in Power Diary:

    • Go to Settings Custom ListsClient Types.
    • Click on Add Client Types.
  • Enter the name of the client type and click Save.

Allocating a Client Type to a Client

The new client types you created will be visible inside a client's profile.

    • Go to the client's profile and navigate to Profile → Details.
      • Select the Client Type from the dropdown box.
      • Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

    Checking a Client's Type in Your Power Diary Calendar

    The Client Type is visible in the calendar when you hover your mouse over a client's appointment. This way, you can quickly check what type of client you have - and invoice that client based on their type. 

    Searching for a Client Based on Their Client Type

    When searching for clients, you can filter them based on their client type. This will give you a list of clients who fall under that client type only. Here's how you can do that:

        • Go to People → Clients.
        • On the Search page, click on Advanced Search.
        • Click on the dropdown menu under Client Types and select your preferred client type.
    • Add other filters if you want and click on Show Filtered List at the bottom-right corner of the page to bring up the list of clients with your preferred client type.