Appointment Statuses, Symbols and Calendar Legend

Learn about the various visual indicators and symbols on your Power Diary calendar.

Many little visual indicators can be seen when looking at your calendar's appointments. This article will go over the various symbols and system statuses that can be seen.

In this article:

Appointment Statuses

For each of the system statuses, there is a corresponding colour. The corresponding colour will appear in the strip to the  left of the Appointment Details.

Rescheduled, Cancelled, Late Cancellation or No Show:

If the appointment has a Service, selecting any of these options will ask whether you'd like to remove their Service and delete the associated invoice.

Appointments with these statuses;

  • Are still seen in the calendar to follow up with the client or levy a cancellation charge.
  • Will reopen that time slot for another client to book online via your Client Portal.
  • Will be tracked on each Client's Statistics page, along with specific Client Reports.



The Bell symbol will let you know the status of the Appointment Reminders for that particular Appointment. The colour of the Bell will indicate its status.

Red Currency Sign 

This indicates there is a balance due on the client's account. You can see the balance in the Appointment Details next to the associated invoice or hover over the icon as seen below. For more details on the Balance, you will want to go to the Billing section of their Profile and look at the invoices.

Blue Circular Arrows

These arrows indicate that the Appointment is one of a series of recurring Appointments. If you edit that appointment the system will ask if you want to make that change to all recurring appointments associated with that series.


Hint 💡

Learn more about this at Creating, Editing and Deleting Recurring Appointments.

Accessing the Legend

In addition to this support article, you're also able to navigate to a dialog that showcases all these statuses, flags and colours at-a-glance, including any custom appointment Flags and Locations which you have set up in your system. Just navigate to the following dropdown when looking at your diary;

Here's an example of what the Calendar Legend might look like, depending on your account settings: