Managing Vaccination Status with Clients

Learn how to record and track client vaccination status in Power Diary using client classifications, COVID-19 screening forms, and alert notes.

As clinicians, these days you may need to know if clients are fully vaccinated and how best to record this in Power Diary. You can utilise just one or all of the methods outlined below, depending on your local public health regulations.

In this article:

Client Classifications

1. You can categorise clients between fully vaccinated and otherwise by first creating the Classifications you'd like to use in your clinic;

2. Next, assign individual clients to either one by navigating to their profile → Classifications;

3. You'll then be able to obtain a breakdown on all your clients who are completely vaccinated by navigating to Reports → Clients → Classification;

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Learn more about Setting Up and Using Client Classifications.

COVID-19 Online Screening Form

According to local public health guidelines, you may need to gather and document clients' have been screened and safe to arrive for face-to-face appointments.

  • This is achieved by distributing an Online Form that has been designed to capture this data;


  • If necessary, you can complete the Screening Form on a client's behalf via telephone;


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Learn more about Getting Started with Online Forms and Importing Form Templates from the Library, which includes a pre-built Screening Form designed to record client responses and can be modified further depending on your local regulations.

They can also be sent automatically to reduce your admin overhead - learn more about Sending Forms to all Clients via the Client Portal.

Alert Notes

After picking an existing client when Creating an Appointment, a red alert note can appear in the top-right of Power Diary;


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Learn more about How to Toggle Alerts for Clients.

Disclaimer: The above methods are provided as guidance only, and their adherence to your local public health regulations is not guaranteed due to the various global legislation. All names and places listed in the above screenshots are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased) or places is intended or should be inferred.