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Client Profile Enhancements and New Identity Fields - 2023

Introducing Client Profile Enhancements and New Identity Fields

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement that empowers health providers to capture and manage client information more precisely. Our latest feature release expands the client profile by introducing new fields related to sex, gender identity, and pronouns alongside a dedicated section for notes about the client's identity. These updates have been implemented to ensure that health providers can accurately capture necessary and important information while promoting inclusivity and respect for all individuals. Keep reading for more details on these changes.

In this article:

Introducing New Profile Fields

We believe it is crucial to provide our users with the tools they need to respect and address the unique identities of their clients. These new fields replace the previously used gender field, which has now been deprecated. If you created your Power Diary account after  the 12th of July 2023, you will not see the Gender (deprecated) field on the Client Details page as it was removed from the system. Accounts that were opened before that date will still have the option to use this field. For those that do continue to use the gender field, there will be no functionality lost, and this information will be preserved for the client.

The updated client profile includes specific fields to capture the following information for a client:

  • Sex
  • Gender identity,
  • Pronouns,
  • Identity notes.

By separating these components, practitioners can gather comprehensive and accurate information while respecting each individual's identity. Accompanying these enhancements, we have updated the client profile details page to enhance usability. Similar fields have been grouped under a shared header, making it easier to locate and access the relevant information on the page.

Customisation Options

We understand that customisation is important. Whilst the options available for the sex, gender identity, and pronouns have been populated with some default values, you can customise the items in these lists via Setup → Custom Lists  Gender, Sex, Pronouns. Here you can add or remove items, with the exception of some default values. Please review our article here for more information on setting up the Custom List items.

New Merge Fields for Pronouns, Sex and Gender Identity

1. The already existing  pronoun merge fields have been updated to seamlessly capture the correct pronouns for the client. This ensures that communication and documentation within the platform align with the client's preferences, fostering a supportive and respectful relationship. The pronoun merge fields will pick up the right pronoun to be used based on the following cascading criteria:

  • If pronouns have been set for the client, these will be used in the merge fields. 
  • If no pronouns have been set for the client, the default pronouns for the client’s gender identity will be used. 
  • If no gender identity has been recorded, then the default pronouns for the client’s chosen sex will be used. 
  • If no sex is recorded, the system will refer to the deprecated gender field. 
  • If no gender has been recorded, the system will default to gender-neutral pronouns (they/them). 

2. We have added new communication merge fields for client's Sex and Gender Identity. If you account was created before this update to client profiles, you will still see the option to use the Client's Gender:

Using Linked Profile Fields in Online Forms

We have introduced linked profile fields to online form templates so that you can choose to automatically capture the client’s sex, gender identity, and pronouns through your online forms

Viewing Client's Pronouns and Identity

You can now easily view your client's pronouns and identity on the client's mega menu to ensure you can address the client correctly. 

Using Sex and Gender Identity Filters in Advanced Search

We have added the sex and gender identity fields to the advanced search to allow filtering for a list of clients and/or contacts. 

Sex and Gender Identity Columns in Client Reports

We have added Sex and Gender Identity as columns to the New Clients, Statistics, Appointments, and Classifications reports where the current deprecated gender column exists:

A Final Word

We strive to support practitioners in delivering exceptional care to all clients. By providing a comprehensive and inclusive client profile, we enable health professionals to better understand and respond to the diverse needs of individuals. We believe that accurate and respectful data capture is crucial for delivering personalised care and promoting well-being. We remain committed to continually enhancing our platform to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry while promoting inclusivity, diversity, and respectful practices.

If you have any questions or require assistance with the new features, please contact our support team, who will gladly help.