Processing Stripe Payments

There are a few different ways to process credit card payments through Power Diary using our integration with Stripe. Each of them can be useful in different circumstances. In this article, we'll cover each of these methods, as well as cover the fees associated with processing payments.


If you haven't yet connected your Stripe and Power Diary accounts together yet, you'll need to do that first by Setting up Your Stripe Integration.

In this article:

Processing Payments

There are three ways of initiating a credit card payment for an appointment/invoice:

  • Select a Client Appointment on the Calendar. On the right side of the screen, in the Invoice section use the Payments drop down to select  "Credit Card- Stripe"

  • Navigate to an Invoice that you would like to process a credit card payment for (via the Client Profile under Billing> Invoices or via one of the Reports). Click on the Invoice Number, under the Payments section of the Invoice click "Credit Card- Stripe" in the Method drop-down. 

  • Navigate to Sales> New Payment then enter a client into the Search Bar. You will then fill in all the necessary fields and select "Credit Card (online)" in the Method drop-down.

After clicking one of these options a card details pop-up will appear. If this is your first time taking a credit card payment from this client you will need to enter a card number, expiration date and CVC (Card Verification Code). The card details will then be stored by Stripe for future transactions. Once you have entered the details click Pay to process the payment. You'll get an immediate response advising if the payment was successful or not.

Storing credit cards without processing a payment

You can store a client's credit card without processing a payment by going to the client's record and selecting Billing > Billing setup. On the billing setup page simply click 'Add Credit Card' and follow the prompts.


You can track the status of any payments taken through this integration on your Stripe dashboard (there is a link to this under Setup → Credit Card Billing).

You are also able to require upfront appointment payments using Stripe integration. Click here to find out how. 

Sending Payment Receipts through Stripe

Stripe allows users to send payment receipts directly when payment is processed through Power Diary. You can also configure your client portal to allow clients to make the payment for their booking with Stripe

There is some more information on how to do email the receipts. Follow the steps below to set this up: 

  1. In Power Diary go to Setup Credit Card Billing and click 'Stripe Dashboard'.

  2.  Navigate to the 'Business Settings' menu.

  3. Click on 'Email Receipts' on the menu to the left of your screen.

  4. From this page, you can turn on email receipts for successful payments and refunds as well as modify the look of the receipts.

Refunding Stripe Payments

  1. To process a refund through Stripe you'll need to login to your Stripe Dashboard.  You can access this directly by going to Setup  Credit Card Billing and clicking on Stripe Dashboard. Then follow the instructions from Stripe's Knowledge Base about how to process refunds which can be found here.
  2. To record the refund on the Power Diary invoice after it is processed via Stripe, please follow the instructions provided in this article.

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