Setting up Your Stripe Integration

Before you can begin using our integration with Stripe to process credit card payments through Power Diary you will need to connect Power Diary to your Stripe account. Stripe account's are free to setup (you are only billed on a per-transaction basis) so there isn't any harm in doing this.

Follow the steps below to link your account to Stripe .

  1. Go to Setup > Credit Card Billing and click Connect to Stripe.
  2. Either log into your existing Stripe account (by clicking the log in link at the top of the page) or create a Stripe account by filling out the provided form. 
  3. Click ✓ Connect my Stripe Account (for existing Stripe users) or Authorise Access to This Account (for new Stripe users). 
Voila! Your new (or existing) Stripe account should now be connected to Power Diary! You should have seen a notification in the top right corner of the page confirming this. You can now continue onto the next article on processing payments through the integration. 

A note on security

All credit card information will be stored by Stripe. Stripe encrypts all card numbers on disk with AES-256 encryption and stores decryption keys on separate machines. At no point will Power Diary be able to view or obtain plaintext card numbers from Stripe. You can read more about Stripe's security here.

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