Main Communication Settings

You can edit your Main Communication Settings in Setup → Configuration → Communication.

  • Forward Text Message Replies To: When clients reply to SMS sent from your Power Diary account (using Messaging Panel or Client Profile → Communication → New SMS), their replies will be forwarded to the mobile number you enter here. If you wish to forward the replies to automatic appointment reminders, go to Setup → Calendars to configure this setting.


    Standard SMS charges will apply for the forwarded messages. 
    A dedicated  Toll-Free Number (TFN) is required to send/receive SMS messages in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Barbados. For more details, please click here

  • Business Email Address: This email address will be applied in the Email From Address field by default when sending an email from Client Profile → Communication → New Email without a communication email template. When a client replies to this email, the reply will be sent to this email address. You may opt to forward non-standard client replies to SMS appointment reminders to this email address. Go to Setup → Calendars to configure this setting.
  • Enable Client Form Authentication: this setting will enable online form authentication by clients when they access a form you sent them. Read here to learn more. 
  • Name Shown In Email: This Name will be applied in the Email From Name field by default when sending an email from Client Profile → Communication → New Email without a communication email template. 

Click here to learn more about Integration with Mailchimp and Using Power Diary and Custom Email Servers

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