Creating a Session Note Template

With the release of our Notes overhaul, you can now create and use note templates. Note templates allow you to create predefined note templates that include anything from text inputs and drop down boxes through to body charts or drawings. Already have a note template, but not sure how to use it? This article covers how to create Notes using a templates.

You can create and manage note templates by going to Tools > Note Templates

Creating a New Note Template

  1. Click + New Note Template
  2. Begin designing your note template by adding sections and fields to the note using the + Add Field and + Add Section buttons. You have the ability to add varying fields to the note (each of these fields are explained below). A note template is comprised of sections and fields.
  3. Once happy with the template click ✓ Save Template

Hint 💡

when you're creating or editing a note template you can preview how the template will look when either: using the template to create a note for a client (Data Entry Mode); or how the template will look once it has been saved to a client's record (Data View Mode).

Understanding the Fields

Text Input: A simple, one line text input used for creating fields that will have small amounts of text inputted into them.

Text Box: Similar to the text input, but used in situations where you will be writing more text into the field (ie. multiple paragraphs). 

Checkbox: A toggle option (that is either active or inactive). Generally used for questions that can either be answered with a yes or no or true or false. 

Multiple Options: Used to create fields with data already populated, presenting as either radio buttons or a drop-down box depending on your preference. When using this option you would be able to select as many options as you like when completing a note (ie. 'choose all that apply: ').

Single Option: Similar to the Multiple Options field, though only one of the options can be selected at a time (ie. 'Yes', 'No', 'N/A'). 

Drawing: This field allows you to upload your own image to be used for drawing and annotation. This is best used for reusable, common tasks such as body charting. 

Managing Note Templates

You can manage your note templates by clicking on their name which will take you to the edit view, allowing you to make changes to your existing note templates. 
To delete a note template simply click the gear/cog to the right of the template in the table and select Delete.
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