Xero Integration FAQs

Discover how to export invoices and payments to specific accounts and use tracking categories with Power Diary's Xero integration for efficient financial management.

In this article, we will answer the frequent questions about Power Diary integration with Xero.

In this article:

How Can I Export Invoices and Payments to Specific Sales and Payments Accounts in Xero?

  • Navigate to Tools → Xero Export → Xero Settings, and select the Xero Sales and the Payment accounts you wish to export to.

If you always export to the same accounts, it is only required to set this up once. However, if you export and track your transactions in different sales and payment accounts in Xero, please update these settings before exporting each batch on invoices and payments. Do not forget to save the changes!

  • Use the Map To Diary feature to link Calendars/Practitioner sales to a specific Xero Sales Account. When you map your Calendars to specific Xero Sales accounts, invoices will be exported to the relative accounts based on the provider's Calendar automatically, meaning that you will not need to update the Xero Setup before each export. 
  1. Navigate to Tools → Xero Export → Xero Settings and click on Map To Diary under the Xero Sales Account dropdown.
  2. Click on Add Sales Account to Calendars Mapping.
  3. Select the Xero Sale Account and the Calendar.
  4. Click the green 'Save' button.

How Can I Use Xero Tracking Categories with Power Diary?

If you set up Tracking categories in Xero, you are able to pre-assign them to Power Diary invoices before you export them to Xero. The Xero Tracking Categories can help you track how different areas of your business are performing (such as departments, cost centres, or locations).

  1. Navigate to Tools → Xero Export → Xero Settings.
  2. Select Xero Tracking Category Name and Xero Tracking Category Option.
  3. If this batch of invoices should also be tracked by the second tracking category in Xero, select Second Xero Tracking Category Name and Second Xero Tracking Category Option.
  4. This is what the invoice exported with these Xero Sales accounts, tracking categories, and category options will look like in Xero: