What Does ‘Email Address is Already in Use’ Mean?

Learn how to manage your Power Diary username and email address to maintain account security, handle duplicates, and ensure smooth account access.

In Power Diary, your username needs to be an email address. This - along with your password - is used to access your account. This helps maintain the security of your account, reduces the risk of forgetting your username but also aids your ability to self-reset your password if necessary. Using your email address as your username also enables the use of 2-Factor Authentication.

Usernames (and therefore your email address) needs to be unique. This means you cannot use the same email address for multiple users on Power Diary, or for multiple Power Diary accounts. If the system detects that an email address is already in use you’ll see the message: ‘ This email is already in use’.

You’ll see this message if:

  • The email address is already allocated to another user in Power Diary; or
  • The email address has been used to sign up for an existing or expired trial.
  • You have already used this email address to register a Power Diary account and are now trying to create a new trial account with the same email already in use. 

What to do:

If you see this message, you have three options:

1. You can use a different email address for the new user/account you are setting up; 


You can register a new user or a new account with the email address that is already in use with Power Diary, with a small adjustment of adding +1(or another digit) to the first part of the email address before the domain name.
For example, you email address admin@myclinic.com is already in use. You can change it to admin+1@myclinic.com and use it as a new email address.

This will allow you to receive email communication about your Power Diary accounts in the same Inbox of your  admin@myclinic.com email address. 

2. If you are a Power Diary account owner (master user), or an active user with access to the Setup and Configure Power Diary user permission, you can change (or remove if no longer required) an existing username in your account. Just navigate to Settings > Users and update the email address of the affected user. 
3. If for any reason you are unable to update the user email address yourself, simply send a message to support@powerdiary.com with the details of the username you’d like updated/removed along with your business name.


  • For security reasons you must contact us from the email address you want to remove/update. This lets us know that the request is coming from you.
  • When requesting a username to be updated, please let us know the new email address you’d like to be used.