Using Power Diary for NDIS Billing (AU-only)

Manage NDIS billing in Power Diary: Add client and practitioner NDIS info, track plans, generate statements, and record payments from plan managers.

You can generate invoices billed to NDIS plan managers, record client NDIS numbers and start and end dates, generate statements billed to NDIS managers, track the amount of time and budget spent within the NDIS plan, using Power Diary functionality. 

In this article:

How to Add Client NDIS Information

  1. Go to SETTINGS > Custom Lists > Insurers;
  2. Add the insurer name 'NDIS';
  3. Select the insurer type 'NDIS'; 
  4. Slide the 'Show on invoice' switch on; 
  5. Save the changes:
  • Collect client's NDIS participant number automatically, using online forms: see details here
  • You can also add the client's NDIS participant number manually :
  1. Navigate to Client Profile → Billing → Insurance.
  2. Click '+Add Insurance'
  3. Select 'NDIS' in the Insurer field;
  4. Enter client NDIS participant number;
  5. Make this insurance type default for this client - this will ensure that it is included on their invoices automatically;
  6. Save the changes. 
  7. Select how you wish to update this client invoices with the new NDIS number< apply to future dated invoices; apply to past and future dated invoices; do not update the existing invoices:
  • If you need to show the NDIS plan start and end dates
  1. Navigate to Client Profile → Billing → Billing Setup 
  2. Add Client NDIS Start and End Date in the Extra Invoice Info field and Save Changes.

It is also possible to  use Session Packs for adding the NDIS Plan dates to client invoices. Please follow the steps below: 

  1. In Settings → Session Packs, create the relevant Session Pack templates (can be used for tracking sessions, money, or hours).
  2. Name the template 'NDIS Plan Start Date / End Date'.

When a client provides the new NDIS agreement:

  1. Navigate to Client Profile → Billing → Session Packs
  2. Click on '+Add New Pack' at the top-left.
  3. Select the relevant Pack Template.
  4. Set the Expiry Date to the Plan End Date.
  5. Add the Plan dates to the Name field.
  6. Save the changes

This will create a custom session pack for this client.
Select this Open Session Pack on the appointment panel (or the invoice) when billing the client/plan manager. 

The Plan Dates will be recorded in the Item Description field on the invoice:

How to Add Practitioner/Organisation NDIS Information

The practitioner NDIS information will be added to each practitioner on their profile. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Practitioners;
  2. Click on the name of a practitioner profile whose NDIS information you need to add;
  3. On the left-side practitioner profile menu, select the 'Insurers' tab;
  4. Click on '+Add Insurer';
  5. In the 'Insurer' dropdown, select NDIS. If you do not see the NDIS option available, please add it in Settings > Custom Lists > Insurers. (For detailed instructions, click here.)
  6. In the 'Provider Number', enter the practitioner's NDIS Id; 
  7. Save the changes.

How to Bill to an NDIS Plan Manager

When required, you are able to automatically generate client invoices where the Payee is their NDIS plan manager or the NDIA:

  1. Create a Third Party Profile for the NDIS plan manager/NDIA, as described here
  2. Navigate to Client Profile → Billing → Billing Setup.
  3. In the Bill To drop-down list select the relevant Third Party, Save Changes.

How to Track Time and/or Budget allocated to an NDIS Client:

Power Diary Session Packs feature allows keeping track of three separate metrics, designed for a variety of different situations you might need, making it a perfect tool for use when working with the NDIS clients: 

  1. Number of Sessions
  2. Fixed Amount of Hours
  3. Fixed Amount of Money


Hint 💡

You are able to apply Session Packs to your invoices retrospectively, to record additional services such as phone call consultations, report writing, and travel for home visits. Simply click on the Appointment this relates to and add more Session Packs with a specific Service or Product. Select the same Session Pack for each service or product to keep tracking time or money within the same NDIS plan. 

How to Send Multiple Invoices for One or Multiple Clients to an NDIS Plan Manager in One File:

If you make an NDIS plan manager a Payee for the client's invoices, you are able to generate Statements that will combine multiple invoices into one file, with the Total Amount Owing for all the invoices included in the Statement. 

More than one client's invoices can be included in the statement when required. Please refer here for more detailed instructions

How to Record a Third Party Payment:

When an NDIS plan manager has paid the invoices billed to them, you'll need to record those payments on the corresponding invoices. Here you will find the detailed instructions for this process