Showing Your User Time Zone In the Calendar

Keeping track of time zones can be a challenge, especially when managing a busy schedule with team members spread across different regions. To make this easier, Power Diary offers a feature that allows you to display both your own time zone as a user and your account business time zone in your calendar. Follow along to ensure your appointments are always scheduled accurately, no matter where you are located.

In this article:

The users time zone is displayed alongside the business time zone to assist with converting appointment times. Please note that the appointment times and other times in the system will continue to use the business time zone. 

Setting Up User Time Zone

Your account will have a default time zone that is used system wide and used to view the calendar. This is set in Settings > Configuration > Business Info > Time Zone.

If you have users that operate in a time zone different to the business time zone and want to view their own time zone in the calendar they are able to choose this in their user profile. This is how it is done:

1. Click your Power Diary account business name and select 'Profile'.

2. Your user profile will have the 'Additional Time Zone' setting.

3. To add an additional time zone, enable the switch on this setting.

4. Use the available dropdown list to select the time zone you wish to see in the calendar.

5. Save the changes.

Viewing User and Business Time Zones on Calendar

Once you have selected your user time zone, navigate to the calendar to see it in effect. You will see the two time zones displayed on the left-hand side of the calendar. The first time zone displayed is your user time zone. Next to it, is your account business time zone.