User Permissions For Accountants

Grant bookkeepers or accountants access to Power Diary for invoicing and accounting tasks with these permissions.

Your bookkeeper or accountant may need to have access to your Power Diary account to help with invoicing and accounting, including exporting invoices and payments to Xero. Here, we will explain what user permissions to available features will be necessary, depending on the scale of job tasks your accounting staff members need to perform for you.

1. For access to all reports and Xero Export, allow
- Access All Calendars/Practitioners
- Access All Reports

2. For the ability to create and edit invoices and payments, allow access to
- Access All Calendars/Practitioners
- People Menu
- Edit Appointments: Invoice Charges
- Access Client Invoices and Payments


With the above available features, the user will have no access to client appointments, but they will be able to record payments and locate and edit invoices via the  Sales menu.

If you'd like the accounting staff member to create invoices linked with client appointments, their User will need the following available features added: 
- Show All Appointments
- Edit Appointments