Use of the Practice Manual

Discover how to use Power Diary's Practice Manual. Learn about access, customization, and policies on printing and exporting content for efficient practice management.

The Practice Manual is designed to be used within Power Diary. This is where admin and clinical team members are working from, so the content can be conveniently accessed.

Can I Print the Practice Manual?

In general, we try to discourage printing to help practices move toward being paperless - which is both better for the environment and practice operations. You may be able to use the print function in your browser to print individual pages or copy and paste sections to another program to print, but we do not provide the ability to print from the manual.

Can I Export the Practice Manual?

The Practice Manual platform is a feature of Power Diary and the base content of over 100 policies and procedures has been developed to help our customers better manage their practices. The policies and procedures are all available within Power Diary which is generally where and when team members need to access them. 

The content provided by Power Diary is only to be used by current Power Diary customers. Please see the Disclaimer you agree to when enabling the Practice Manual.

If you create your own content within the Practice Manual and later wish to use this in another format, you can copy and paste those particular articles, but there is no plan at this time for a 'bulk export' function.