Troubleshooting Medicare Claiming with Tyro (AU-only)

Learn about Tyro and how to resolve Medicare claim submission issues.

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When submitting a Medicare claim via Tyro you may run into an issue that prevents the claim from being submitted successfully. Usually, these are easy to resolve. Below is a checklist to go through in the event that you're unable to submit a Medicare claim via Tyro for whatever reason:

  1. Ensure that the provider you're submitting the claim for has their Medicare details entered.

    This can be done via Settings  Practitioners by selecting the provider and going to Insurers on the left. You'll need to ensure that there is a Medicare insurer entered here with their provider details. It's also useful to set this insurer as the Default For New Clients, as this will save you time later on down the track. Our article on Insurers and Provider Numbers has more in-depth information on this process. 
  2. Check the client's profile to ensure that their Medicare information has been entered.

    Open the client's profile (you can open this quickly by double-clicking their appointment in the calendar) and ensure that their Medicare card information has been entered here. Usually, you should see a spot for this toward the bottom right-hand corner of the client profile. If this area isn't visible go to Billing → Insurance and add a Medicare insurer there, entering their card information as you do this. Set this as the default if Medicare claims are frequently submitted for the client. 
  3. Ensure the client's first and last name, date of birth and address have been entered into their profile correctly.

    This information is entered into their profile on the main Details page (accessed by double-clicking the appointment or searching for the client's name). After adding this ensure that you Save before returning to the invoice to try claiming again. 
  4. Double-check that the client's referral is recorded in their profile (where relevant) and selected as the referral for the invoice you're trying to claim.

    Referrals are entered into client profiles, so go to the client's profile and select Referrals on the menu to the left. If no referral is present, add one in (this article covers how to do this). Once you have checked that a referral is present (or have added one in) return to the invoice you're trying to claim (you can do this by right-clicking the appointment and selecting Edit Invoice) and ensure that the referral is selected in the dropdown box in the top right-hand corner of the edit invoice page invoice. 
  5. Check that your services have the correct item codes.

    When editing the invoice that you're trying to claim scroll to the Items table and look over to ensure that an Item Code has been entered for each item and that these are correct. If none has been entered you can enter one manually into the field (you may also want to go to Settings → Services to amend the service to include a code for future use). 

After running through the above checks you should be able to submit the claim again and hopefully do so successfully. If you have further issues please feel free to contact either Power Diary or Tyro Support for further assistance (we're both more than happy to help out!).