Transferring the Account Ownership

Use this checklist to transfer ownership of a Power Diary account. Learn how to update master user details, credit card information, business details, user profiles, and more for a seamless transition.

This article can be used as a checklist when transferring the ownership of a Power Diary account to another person or entity. 



The first two steps, Changing Master User Details and Updating Credit Card Details are required for the successful transfer of the account's ownership. 

The other steps are necessary for updating the business details and customizing the account. The previous account owner may take the responsibility of removing their business details, however, the new account owner will also be able to remove the old details, as well as add their own business details

In this article:

How to Change the Master User Details

Change the Master User. This is the most important step that cannot be missed as the Master User is regarded as the owner of the Power Diary account, has access to all the account features, and is able to initiate the account pause, storage, or closure.

There are two ways the Master User details can be changed, while the previous account owner is still logged in as the Master User: 

1. Using the main menu:

  • Click on your username in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select Profile.
  • Edit the Email address which is also the username to log in.
  • Click Set Password.
  • Enter the existing password and new password.
  • Click ✔ Save.

2. Using the  Settings > Users menu:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users.
  • The top user profile is the Master User.
  • Remove the current user details.
  • Enter the new user details.
  • Save.
  • The new Master User will need to set up the password by clicking on Forgot Password and using their email address as the username when logging in for the first time. 


If the previous account owner cannot be reached and help with the change of the Master User Details, please contact the Power Diary Support Team for assistance.

How to Update Credit Card Details

Update credit card details to pass the subscription and SMS charges payment duty to the new account owner.

  • Navigate to Settings > Subscription > Update Credit Card.
  • Enter new credit card details.
  • Save.

How to Update the Other User profiles

  • Deactivate the user profiles that are leaving the practice.
  • You may want to release their email addresses so that they could be used again for registering in different Power Diary accounts.
    To release the email address, simply add some more symbols to the first part of it, for example,
  • The new account owner or practice manager can add the new user profiles when necessary

How to Update Business Information Details

Update Business Information, including business name, ABN, country, and business address. In addition, you can also update your business’ contact information, such as its email address, telephone, and fax number. 

  • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Business Info and make the necessary changes, save them. 

How to Update Clinic Locations Details

If you change the premises, do not forget to update the Locations

  • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Locations. There, you'll be able to deactivate the unnecessary Locations, edit the existing Locations, or add the new ones. 

How to Update Invoice Settings

Update business information on the Invoice settings:

  • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Invoices a
    nd update the Logo Image and any other business-related information. 

How to Update Communication Details

Update Communication details:

  • First, have a look into the Main Communication Settings in Settings > Configuration > Communication;
  • Then, navigate to Tools > Communication > Templates and go through the email templates to make the necessary updates to the Email From Name and Email From Address fields. 
    You may also need to update the images used for the business logos and letterheads in Email and Letter Templates

How to Update Client Portal Details

Update the Client Portal settings:

  • Navigate to Settings > Client Portal > Access and Settings to make any necessary changes;
  • Then go to Settings > Client Portal > Notifications and remove any email addresses that will not belong to the new business there;
  • In Settings > Client Portal > Branding, remove or update the Logo Image. 

Other Possible Updates

Some other things the new account owner may need to have a look at and update if necessary: