Tracking Completed Session Notes

Stay on top of client treatment notes with Power Diary. Learn how to check note status on appointment panels, run comprehensive appointment reports, and view notes.

In the dynamic landscape of allied health, the meticulous tracking of completed client treatment notes is an essential task. In this article, we will show you how Power Diary can help you to stay on top of this job. 

In this article:

Checking the Note Icon on Appointment Panel

It is easy to see if a Session Note was created for an individual appointment and if it was saved as Draft or Completed status: 

  1. Locate the appointment on the main Calendar page and click it to open the Appointment Panel on the right-hand side. 
  2. The 'Appointment Details' bar displays three icons, and the first of them is the Session Note icon. The colour of this icon will immediately inform you of the Note status:
    - the white icon means the Note has not been created yet;
    - the blue icon means the Note is in Draft mode;
    - the green icon means the Note was saved as Completed.  

Running Appointments Report

If you need to check where you or your practitioners are up to with completing the session notes for all the appointments in a specific time period, the Appointments report is at your service. Here is how it works:

  1. Navigate to Reports → Clients → Appointments
  2. Set the report's filters, such as time period, all practitioners or select practitioners, all locations or the select locations. 
  3. Run the report.
  4. The generated report will contain the 'Session Note' column.
    - If a cell in this column is blank, this will mean that a note was not created for the appointment. 
    - If a note was created for an appointment, its status will be included in this column: Draft, AutoDraft or Locked (for a completed note).

Viewing Notes in Client Profiles

Some users of a Power Diary account may not have access to the Reports feature. However, a practitioner is able to have an overview of their appointments and all the notes they created, in their clients' profiles. 

  • The Client Profile → Appointments → Appointments page displays a list of all appointments created for the client. The list includes the 'Session Note' column, which will show the name of the session note created for the appointment. 
  • The blank cell will mean that the note was not created for the appointment. 
  • To check the status of the created Notes, a practitioner will need to navigate to Client Profile → Records → Notes and review the list of the Notes saved there.