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Support for 3D Secure

In order to protect you from fraudulent payments, and ensure you comply with the PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) if you operate in the EU, Power Diary has added support for 3D Secure Card Payments via our integrated payments processor, Stripe.

In this article, we will briefly explain what 3D Secure is - and how it will add another layer of security when you’re making/receiving payments through Power Diary.

Why Does My Clinic Need To Add 3D Secure?

To understand why Power Diary has added support for 3D Secure, you need to learn a bit about the new PSD2 regulation first. 

The PSD2 is a regulation put forth by the European Commission. It is designed to regulate electronic payments and payment services across the European Union. 

This regulation includes a rule called Strong Customer Authentication, which requires all payment processors to provide multi-factor authentication to its customers.

The regulation has been in effect from 14 September 2019 and applies to companies and businesses that:

  • Are based in - or make financial deals with accounts in the European Economic Area. 
  • Has customers located in the European Union.
  • Accepts payments through credit/debit cards. 

And since many Power Diary users fall in these categories, we have added support for 3D Secure, thus helping ensure your business complies with these EU regulations.

How Does 3D Secure Work?

3D Secure adds an extra step of authentication for customers performing an online payment transaction in some circumstances.  If you were operating an ecommerce store with a cart etc it would work like this - 

  1. A customer adds the products and/or services they want to buy to their invoice - and checks out.
  2. The customer enters their credit card details and proceeds with the checkout process. 
  3. 3D Secure kicks in at this point - and customers are asked to authenticate their card with their card provider via an SMS code or password. 

In Power Diary we’ve made it as easy as possible.  If your Stripe account location is set to the within the EU, and a card transaction requires 3D Secure processing, the system will automatically generate a prompt for the additional authentication information. This will typically be a code sent via SMS or a password. Once entered the payment will be processed as usual.