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Setting Up and Using Multiple Locations

Add multiple locations to your Power Diary account and assign appointments easily.

You can add multiple locations to your Power Diary account for free. There is no limit to the number of locations you can add. Individual appointments can then be assigned to these locations, or you can link the location to an availability so that all new appointments entered into the available times are automatically assigned to a selected location. 

In this article:

Adding Additional Locations

1. Go to  Settings → Configuration → Locations.

2. Click  + Add Location.

3. Fill in the details of your new location.

4. Click  Save.


Hint 💡

For our US users, you can select your Insured Place of Service from the dropdown on this page to be used for your locations. The Insured Place of Service field will be used to populate your claim if you are using claiming. 

Changing the Location of an Individual Appointment

1. Click on the appointment in your calendar.

2. In the appointment panel, click on the 'When & Where' section to start editing the appointment.

3. Click on the drop-down menu next to Where. From the list, choose your desired location.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the appointment panel. Click Save.

Setting Practitioner Availability For Each Location 

You are able to link a location to an availability so that any new appointment booked into the available time will be linked to that location. You can link a location to an availability as follows:

1. Go to  Settings → Availability;
2. Select the practitioner you wish to edit the availability for.

3. Click  + Add New Availability and create a new availability for your new location.

4. Click on the Location drop-down to select the default location for the times in this availability .

5. Click '  Save'.

The list of availabilities will have a note of their locations for your reference. 

Changing the Default Location for Unavailable Times for an Individual Practitioner

By default, any appointment added into an unavailable time will be linked to the default location selected for the practitioner. Only use the following if you would like to change the default location for unavailable time for a particular practitioner to something different.

1. Go to  Settings → Practitioners.
2. Click on the practitioner's name.

3. Navigate to ' Settings' on the left-hand side menu.

4. Change the 'Default Location for Unavailable Times' to your desired location.

5. Click  Save.

All new appointments entered in this calendar in times that are not available will now be assigned to the Default Location selected.

Hint 💡

Unavailable times will be shown as the default grey colour in the calendar. These are times that have not been made available for the practitioner.