Restoring a Deleted Appointment

Learn how to restore deleted client appointments in Power Diary, including single, group, and recurring appointments, along with their invoices and payments.

You can restore a deleted client appointment of any kind - i.e. a single client appointment, group appointment, or recurring appointment. Restoring the appointment will restore any invoice and payment that were linked to the deleted appointment.

In this article:

Finding a deleted appointment in the Deleted Appointments report

If you don’t remember the clients in your deleted appointment, but remember the date of when you created the appointment, simply follow these instructions: 

1. On the left-hand menu of the dashboard, navigate to Reports → System → Deleted Appointments.

2. Choose a date range in which the deleted appointment was created and click Run Report.

3. From this list, scan through the client name and other data to identify the appointment you want to restore. Click the client name to open their profile. 

Restoring a deleted appointment from the Client's Appointment list

But if you remember the client(s) for whom you created the appointment, you can skip the above steps and go directly to their profile using the search bar on top of the Power Diary dashboard.

From there, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Appointments → Appointments.

2. Toggle the switch labelled Show Deleted.

3. Click on the gear icon (under Actions) on the extreme-right side of the appointment you want to restore – and click on the Restore button.

4. Read carefully and click OK to apply this action.

Your deleted appointment will be restored on your calendar.