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[Resolved] Medicare Claiming Error

There is an issue preventing Medicare and DVA claims from being processed via Power Diary currently.  Attempts to process a claim or validate a Medicare card result in: 'Error 3013' or 'Error 17:05'.  Please see updates below:

Friday, 3rd Jan 2020 - Resolved


The issue should now be resolved.  The certificates are now working correctly and claims are once again being processed.  Medicare have also confirmed that everything looks good from their end.   Whilst we expect that everything should now work without any difficulties, please do let us know if you experience anything unexpected.  We are also monitoring the system closely from this end.  Finally, on behalf of the Power Diary team thank you for your patience whilst we worked through this issue. It is very much appreciated. 

- Damien


The new certificates have arrived and have been installed.  We are currently testing these.  So far we can see some claims are successfully being lodged, others however are still returning errors.  Medicare and our team are investigating this currently. 


A quick update: Medicare have advised that the new certificates have been generated, however they are waiting for some required accompanying files to be created.  In the interim they are doing some preparatory work to enable the new certificates to be installed as quickly as possible once completed.  


Medicare have advised they think there may be an issue with the certificates when they were renewed. They are now going to create a completely new set of security certificates for Power Diary and remove all reference to the old ones from their end.  We will also remove the old certificates, and then install the new ones.  Medicare have advised they will prepare the new certificates as a priority, but that it will take them at least a couple of hours to complete.  They'll then send them through to us to begin the installation process.  We'll keep you posted here. 


Just an update to confirm that Medicare have been able to return to their offices this morning and have resumed work on this issue with our team. 

Medicare have confirmed that this issue is receiving priority treatment:

"The OTS SVTS team are endeavouring to diagnose and provide a resolution for your company, and we treating this matter with the highest priority and we understand the concerns and hardships being raised by your clients.

Thursday, 2nd Jan 2020


Unfortunately we have been advised that the Canberra office of Medicare had to be closed due to smoke and bush-fire related concerns.  They are going to resume investigation of this issue tomorrow morning at 8:30am Canberra time as they expect to be able to return to their office then.  Thank you for your ongoing patience.  


We are aware that you may now be receiving Error 1705 or Error 3013. 


Just a quick update to let you know we are actively working on this, however the issue has not yet been resolved. Medicare and our team are continuing to work on this. We will keep you posted here.  


Medicare are investigating the cause of this and our team is working with them to resolve this as quickly as possible.  What we know so far is that on 30th December 2019 Medicare 'auto-renewed' our PKI certificate.  This created a new certificate expiry date and this stopped claims from being processed on that day. Normally an auto-renewal would not cause the existing certificates which were still valid from working.  To address this though we installed the renewed certificates onto the Power Diary Medicare server, however Medicare is not fully recognising these and is generating the Error 3013 code when claims are being processed.  Unfortunately Medicare's online technical team were closed until this morning (2nd Jan) so they were not able to investigate the issue at Medicare's end until today.  Medicare is now working to identify any issues on their end, and our team are attempting some other solutions as well. 

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.  We are aware of how important Medicare claiming is to our customers and have made communicated the urgent nature of this to Medicare.