Generating Reports for Tyro Medicare And Health Point Claims

Track and report Tyro Medicare and private health fund claims easily in Power Diary.

After Medicare and private health funds' claims are processed via your Tyro terminal integration with Power Diary, all the information about these claims is stored in your Power Diary account for reporting and auditing purposes. Read on to learn more!

In this article:

Reporting on Tyro Medicare Claims

All Medicare claims processed via Power Diary, either via the direct integration or via the Tyro terminal, are stored in Tools → Medicare.

  • Information on the method the claim was submitted, (Medicare Online or Tyro) is stored in the Method column:

Reporting on Tyro HealthPoint (Private Health Funds) Claims

The information about private health fund claims processed via Tyro integration with Power Diary is stored in Tools → Health Point

Once on this page, 

  • Use the report filters at the top to narrow the search by claim details;
  • Click on Search
  • The generated list will contain all the relevant information about a claim, including client name, invoice number and date of the appointment the claim was made for, provider name and number, health fund name and reference, claim status and service type, and the benefit amount and the total amount.
    It is possible to export the list of claims as an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF document, or a printout.