Post-Import checklist

Congratulations on migrating to Power Diary! Follow our checklist to spot-check your data, ensuring accuracy and addressing any concerns promptly.

Congratulations on successfully migrating your data to Power Diary! We understand that this transition can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, so we've prepared a post-import checklist to help you ensure that everything has come across as expected. This checklist will guide you through spot-checking your data to ensure its accuracy and address any concerns you may have.

Please note: The checklist below includes all data points that can be imported, but please note that you may not have brought across every item on the list. For example, if you have provided us with a spreadsheet containing only your client details, then you would only need to check the accuracy of those specific details.

Anything you need to discuss with us?

Please keep in mind that we retain your data for 60 days following the import, allowing us to address any anomalies or queries you may have. We encourage you to review the following data points within the next couple of days, or at the latest, within a week. This will enable us to promptly assist you if any issues arise.  If there is anything you need us to look at / investigate post-import, it would be very helpful if you could provide some specific examples (screenshots are always useful) so that our team can investigate further.   

We recommend that you don't edit/change the imported data until such time that you have ascertained that you are happy with what has been imported.  This can complicate/hinder resolution of any post-import inquiries/issues that are raised with our team.

  1. Client Details:
    • Check if all your client records have been imported accurately, including their contact information, personal details, and any additional fields specific to your practice.
  2. Client Tasks:
    • Verify that upcoming notifications and client tasks have been imported correctly. 
    • Check for any missing or incorrectly scheduled tasks.
  3. Appointments:
    • Review your appointment records to ensure that client appointments, personal appointments, and group appointments have been imported accurately. Look for any discrepancies or missing appointments.
  4. Clinical and Admin Notes:
    • Check if all clinical and administrative notes have been migrated correctly. Review a sample of notes to ensure the formatting and content are intact. 
    •  Depending on the format of your notes data,  they may still be in the process of importing (you would have been informed by our team if this is the case, when they let you know that your data has been imported). We recommend reviewing these once they have been fully imported.
  5. Services:
    • Verify that your services have been imported accurately, including service names, descriptions, durations, and associated fees. Cross-reference with your existing records if necessary.
  6. Products:
    • Review the imported product inventory to ensure that all products and their details (such as names, descriptions, prices, etc.) are correct. Confirm any specific requirements for product tracking or stock management.
  7. Referrers:
    • Ensure that your list of referrers has been imported correctly. Check for any missing or duplicated entries.
  8. Referrals:
    • If applicable, review the imported referrals to confirm that they are associated with the correct clients and contain all relevant information.
  9. Contacts:
    • Verify that your contact list has been imported accurately, including any additional contact fields you may have. Check for any missing or incorrect entries, and that the relevant relationships with your clients have been brought across as expected.
  10. Third Parties (Billers):
    • If applicable, check that your third-party billers have been imported correctly. Confirm the accuracy of their contact details and billing preferences.
    • We recommend you also spot-check billing information at a client level
  11. Communications:
    • Spot-check a few sample communications, such as SMS, letters, and emails, to ensure that the imported content and formatting are correct.
  12. Documents/Files:
    • If documents and files are part of your migration, please note that they may still be in the process of importing. We recommend reviewing these once they have been fully imported. Check for any missing or corrupted files.
  13. Financial Information:
    • In some cases, financial information may be included in the migration. Review any imported financial data to ensure its accuracy. Cross-reference with your previous records for verification.

If you come across any discrepancies, missing data, or have any queries, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We're here to help address any concerns or assist with any necessary corrections.

Thank you for choosing Power Diary as your Practice Management System. We hope this checklist helps you navigate the post-import process smoothly. 

We appreciate your patience during the migration, and we're committed to ensuring your data is accurate and secure.