Managing Payroll With Power Diary Reports

Set up and manage payroll efficiently with Power Diary. Create saleable categories, configure services/products, and run detailed sales reports for accurate payroll processing.

Managing business payroll is a critical process for any organization, involving several key steps and considerations, including time tracking and pay calculations. Power Diary offers a number of tools that will help you manage payroll timely and efficiently. 

In this article:

Setting Up Saleable Categories

Saleable Categories are used to classify groups of services, products and session packs. This customisable tool will help to track and report on the types of services, products or session packs that your practitioners sell. To create them:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom Lists;
  2. Select Saleable Categories and click on Add Saleable Categories;
  3. Name the category, make it Active and click Save;
  4. Whenever necessary, you are able to edit or deactivate a category.

Setting Up Services and Products

The saleable categories that you created in your profile, can be allocated to service, product and session pack templates. To do so, 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Services/Products/ Session Packs
  2. Create a new service/product/session pack template, or open an existing one to edit. 
  3. In the Saleable Category dropdown, select the relevant category; 
  4. Save the changes. 

Running Sales Report

The versatile Reports feature equips Power Diary users with extensive analytics data. The Reports > Financial > Sales report is the one you will use to run regular reports on work hours and sales amounts for your practitioners. 

  1. Open the Reports > Financial > Sales report; 
  2. Set the report filters as required; 
  3. Run the report; 
  4. This report includes invoice number, date of sale, client name, calendar/practitioner, Location, appointment date (if the invoice is associated to an appointment), type of sale (service, product, session pack), item sold (either service or product name), time/duration (relevant for services), total invoices amount, tax amount, saleable category. 
  5. You can  filter or group the report by calendar/practitioner and saleable category for more specific information. 
  6. The report result can also be exported to an Excel/csv file that can be used to finalise payroll in the other software that you may use for human resource management. 


Effective payroll management is essential not only for legal compliance but also for maintaining employee satisfaction and trust. Power Diary is a reliable tool that will assist you in the payroll management process.