Managing Couples Appointments

Learn how to manage healthcare sessions for couples using Power Diary features. Create profiles, book appointments, manage communication, and handle invoices seamlessly.

In the journey of life, health is a shared adventure for couples. It's more than individual well-being; it's about nurturing a harmonious balance together. In this article, we explore the art of managing healthcare sessions for couples with the help of Power Diary features. 

In this article:

Creating and Managing Couples Profiles

  • Once an agreement is reached and the couple will start their therapy sessions with you, make sure that you create individual client profiles for each partner. This will enable to to flexibly manage communication with both partners, including sending appointment reminders, collecting and storing sensitive client data and invoicing and payments. You can view and select the appropriate way to add new clients to your accounts here: Adding New Clients 4 Ways
  • To manage couples appointments and ensure that all client data related to couples sessions is stored in open place, you can create a separate client profile for the couple:

1. In the main menu, select PEOPLE and click 'Add'

2. Enter the both first names of the partners in the 'Name' field, and the surname(s) in the 'Last Name' field. Save the changes. 

3. A new client profile for the couple will be created. Add the individual client profiles of both partners as contacts to their couple profile:
In the new couple profile menu, click 'Contacts'


5. In the 'Create from an Existing Profile' field, search for the individual client profile of one of the partners, and add them as a contact:

6. In the contact settings, you can allow this partner to make client portal appointments on behalf of their couple profile:

7. Enable sending reminders to the contact about all appointments that will be scheduled for their couple profile: 

8. Check any other contact details that might be needed to add and then click "SAVE"

9. Repeat the above steps to add the other partner as a contact to their couple profile. 

Now you are ready to create appointments for couple sessions, using their couple profile. 

Hint 💡

If any of the partners also attend individual session in your practice, such appointments can be booked using their individual profile.

Creating and Managing Couples Appointments

Creating an appointment for a couple session is easy: 

1. On your main calendar screen, select the time slot when their appointment will start:

2. On the appointment panel's 'CLIENT' section, that will open on the right side, search for the couple profile and select it as a client for this appointment:

3. In the 'APPOINTMENT DETAILS' section, you can select the relevant service or session pack for this appointment. This will generate an invoice for this session. 

4. Once all the appointment details are added, click 'SAVE'

This will create a couple's client appointment which you will be able to modify at any time. 

Managing Communication with Couples

A contact person for your communication during couple therapy will be discussed and established individually for each couple. Here are some general guidelines for managing communication in couples therapy:

  • If one partner receives all communication for their couple sessions, you can add their personal contact details in the couple profile: 

1. Add their mobile number:

2. Add their email address:

3. Add any other relevant details and click 'SAVE CHANGES.

4. Once the contact details are saved, you will be able to message the designated contact person using these details via the couple profile > Communication tab:

5. Click 'New Email' to generate an email:

6. Click 'New SMS' to generate and SMS:

7. Click 'New Letter' to generate a letter: 


Hint 💡

Use the text messaging panel to send an SMS to the couple's contact person from any page in Power DIary, without the need to open their profile. 

  • If both partners wish to receive your communication, you can send it to each of the partners from their own client profile, following the same steps as above. 
  • Appointment reminders for the couple's sessions can also be sent to just one partner, whose contact details are saved in the couple's profile, or to both partners if they are added as contacts to the couple's profile and are allowed to receive appointment reminders on behalf of the couple's profile. 

Managing Couples Notes and Forms

  • Session and treatment notes for couple sessions can be created directly from their appointment: 

1.  Click on the appointment on the calendar. 

2. In the 'APPOINTMENT DETAILS' section of the panel, click on the 'Note' icon:

3. The Notes page of the couple client profile will open. Select the note template to generate a draft of the note:

4. Fill out the note and save as draft or completed. 

  • Power Diary enables you to send online forms to your clients to securely and conveniently collect their information. 

1. Open couples profile;

2. Navigate to the 'Records' folder:

3. Click 'Forms'

4. Click '+ CREATE NEW'

5. Select the online form template:

6. At the top of the generated form draft, copy the online form link:

7. Go to 'Communication':

8. Click 'New Email' to create an email:

9. Use an existing email template, or type in a custom text, and paste the online form link:

10. Click 'SAVE AND SEND' to send the link to the client


Hint 💡

If both of the partners in a couple need to submit online forms individually, you can send the forms from each client's individual profile, following the same steps as above.


Managing Couples Invoices and Payments

By default, invoices generated with the couples client appointments will be billed to the couple's profile that was used for creating appointments. If one partner wants to pay for one of the appointments themselves, you can manually adjust the paying party: 

1. Open the calendar.

2. Click on the couple's appointment to bring up the appointment panel:

3. Click on the 'Edit Invoice' icon here:

4. The invoice edit page will open; click on the 'Payable By' dropdown at the top-right

5. Select the payee for this invoice:



Hint 💡

If one of the partners will pay for all the sessions, you can set them as default payee in Couple's Profile > Billing > Billing Setup > Bill To

Booking Couples Appointment In Client Portal

As we described above, both partners can have individual client profiles that are linked as contacts to their couples profile, and allowed to book appointments on your client portal on behalf of their couples profile. Below, we have showcased the client experience where they are booking such an appointment. 

1. First, they access your client portal using the client portal link you provided to them. 

2. On their client portal home page, they need to log in with their email address saved in their individual client profile. 

3. They will enter their email address and password and log in:

4. Once logged in, they will click "Book Appointment"

5. If your practice works across multiple locations, they will select the necessary location

6. They will select the service they'd like to book:

7. If your practice offers appointments with multiple providers, they will select their practitioner to book:

8. A calendar with availability will open to find the most suitable time: 

9. Once all of the above selections are made, the client will be able to finalise their booking. In the 'APPOINTMENT FOR' dropdowns they will be able to select the profile for whom they want to book this appointment. In this case, they are booking the couples appointment for their couples profile: