MailChimp: Frequently Asked Questions

Power Diary integrates with MailChimp for free.

Are there any costs associated with this integration?

Power Diary will not charge you to use this integration. MailChimp does, however, offer paid plans and services as well as their 'Forever Free Plan' which allows users to send up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 total subscribers free of charge.

How do I add referrers to a MailChimp list?

You can add referrers to your list by selecting the 'Referrer' option from the Business Contact field when searching for clients, contacts or referrers to add to your list.

What happens if a client unsubscribes from my list in MailChimp?

If a client unsubscribes they will only be unsubscribed from that List in Mailchimp. They can not be resubscribed to the same list again via Power Diary or MailChimp. To add them to the list they would need to log into MailChimp, find the client using the search function and then 'Delete' them. This will delete all record of them in MailChimp. They can then be resubscribed.

It is also worth noting that if a client has unsubscribed from a mailing list they can be added to a new list via Power Diary. To avoid sending newsletters to the unsubscribed clients you should use the same list in MailChimp for each purpose i.e. "Newsletter Subscribers" rather than creating a new list for each Campaign. This will ensure you do not send Newsletters to clients who have previously unsubscribed to your newsletter.

It is important to note that if someone unsubscribes from a MailChimp list it will not change their 'Subscribe to newsletter' status in Power Diary. This status can only be updated from within the Client's record in Power Diary.

Will email addresses be automatically added to MailChimp lists?

No. All email addresses need to be manually added to the list using the integration. Power Diary will not actively 'talk' with MailChimp in order to update the list (be that to add email addresses or remove them).