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Issue With DVA(AUS) Service Claims

Services Australia has announced an issue that a number of practices are experiencing regarding submitting DVA claims for item OT80 using the web services platforms:

  • At present, there are rules applied whereby the VAAW distanceKilometres field is only allowed once per Medical Event. 
  • In addition, current functionality does not prevent a chargeAmount from being set where ItemNumber is set to OT80 or KM and the system is not prompting the distanceKilometres to be set where ItemNumber is set to OT80 or KM.

Thursday 21 April 2022
Changes are currently being scheduled by Services Australia to fix this issue, whereby there will be changes made in the way services for item OT80 are currently submitted to Services Australia for processing. Once these changes have been made, we will post an update to this article.

What you need to do in the meantime:
As there is currently an issue with claiming item OT80 via the web services platform, we suggest that practices hold on to claims for these services until a fix is implemented. However, the below claiming options are available if practices wish to claim these services in the interim.

  • If you have an individual PRODA account, lodge a DVA web claim through HPOS
  • Submit a manual claim for processing.