Importing Google Calendar Appointments into Power Diary

Import existing Google Calendar events into Power Diary by linking calendars, exporting Google Calendar events, and importing them into the Power Diary-linked calendar.

If you have existing appointments in a Google Calendar it is possible to have these sync into your Power Diary account. Please follow the steps outlined below.

Importing existing Google Calendar events into Power Diary

  1. The first step will create a new calendar in your Google Calendar that is linked to your Power Diary calendar. This is done by going to Settings > Practitioners, selecting the calendar and clicking Google Sync > Link to Google Account. (For more information on connecting Power Diary to Google Calendar refer to this article).
    Once you have done this, a new calendar will be created in your Google account which will be named something like '(calendar name) Power Diary'.


  2. Access your existing Google Calendar and export the events as per the steps here.
  3. Using the iCal file from the export, import this into the calendar that is linked to your calendar in Power Diary as per the steps outlined here.
  4. You will then be able to sync these appointments back into Power Diary by going to Settings > Calendars > Google Sync > 'Get Changes from Google Calendar'. This will retrieve these appointments from Google Cal and sync them into your diary.


Before you continue any further with connecting your Power Diary account to Google Calendar  you must log out of the account. You can click here to log out.

Please note that as Google Calendar does not store a client database, there is no way to identify which client attended the appointment aside from the text in the appointment title. This means that the appointments are synced into Power Diary as personal appointments where there is no direct link to a client in the system. You will see the name of the event as the appointment title in the calendar.