How to Read Appointment Pop-Up on Main Calendar Screen?

Hover over Power Diary appointments for a pop-up summary. View client, personal, and group appointment details including invoice, contact info, and reminders.

When you hover over appointments on the main calendar screen, there will be a pop-up with the appointment and client summary information. While most of its content is self-explanatory, some entries might need a bit of clarification, so read on.

In this article:

Client Appointment Information

The Client Appointment pop-up includes the following information: 

  • number and the total amount of the invoice linked with this appointment;
  • client information: name, client ID, mobile phone number, email address, and date of birth;
  • appointment information: duration, location, service name, appointment comments, appointments statistics, referrer name, and referral date
    - Appointments: the total number of appointments created during this client's lifetime in your account;
    YEAR: the number of appointments created this year, with the status of Confirmed, Arrived, or Completed (i.e. provided to the client)
  • hover over the icons at the bottom of the pop-up for the following information: 
    - bell icon: appointment reminder status
    - red dollar icon: shows the account balance of the client
    - recurring appointment
    - SMS messaging panel and a shortcut to it

Personal Appointment Information

This pop-up contains

  • title of the personal appointment
  • duration and location
  • appointment notes/description

Group Appointment Information

The Group Appointment pop-up contains

  • Group Name
  • Duration and Location of the appointment
  • list of existing participant clients and the status of their appointment
  • appointment notes