How To Handwrite Session Notes

Learn how to handwrite session notes on your tablet and convert them into text.

If you access Power Diary on a tablet you can handwrite your notes and convert them in into text. 

In this article:

How to Use Apple Pen on iPad to Handwrite Session Notes

    1. Connect Apple Pen with your iPad as instructed here
    2. Activate the Scribble feature on your iPad.
    3. Create the Note in Power Diary and handwrite your comments in the text fields, Scribble will convert it into the typed text for you.


Please note that only the latest iPad models that are described at Apple support this feature.

How to Use Gboard on Android to Handwrite Session Notes

1. Make sure you have Gboard installed on your device. It is available for free download via PlayStore for Android.

2. Turn on Handwriting as instructed on the Gboard support article here.

3. In your Power Diary account, create a note you need to write.

4. Tap where you need to write, and select the Handwriting keyboard to start writing.