How Can I Track Client Marketing Sources?

Track and analyze marketing sources with Power Diary. Set up workflows, collect data via forms, and utilize reports for insights. Optimize outreach and client engagement.

In today's dynamic market, identifying the most effective marketing sources is crucial for any business aiming to maximize its outreach and engagement with clients. To aid in this endeavor, Power Diary offers a streamlined workflow that allows you to track and analyze the efficacy of various marketing sources. This article guides you through the process of setting up and utilizing this workflow.

Add Marketing Sources

Begin by compiling a comprehensive list of all marketing sources you've utilized. Navigate to Settings > Custom Lists > Client Marketing Sources in Power Diary. Here, you can add all the marketing sources that are relevant to your business.

Integrate with Form Designer

Next, use the  Tools > Form Designer to embed a crucial data collection point into your forms. Specifically, add the 'How Did You Hear About Us' Linked Profile Field to any form you wish to use for information collection, such as an intake form. This step is essential for gathering direct feedback from clients regarding the effectiveness of your marketing sources.

Send Forms to Clients

Once your form is ready, send it to both new and existing clients, particularly those who have been targets of recent marketing campaigns. This distribution can be conducted through email and client portal notifications, or during in-person interactions, depending on your engagement strategy.

Analyze Client Responses

To analyze the data collected, navigate to Reports > Clients > Client Sources. Here, you can generate a report where you'll get information such as:

  • How many clients are in which 'how-heard' category?  (How-heard categories represent where your clients heard about you i.e. TV, Social Media, Print Ads, etc.)
  • The revenue you generated from clients in each how-heard category. 

For a more detailed analysis, export the list of clients and their corresponding marketing sources to Excel. In Excel, you can perform further sorting and analysis to understand trends and the impact of each marketing source.

Utilize Bulk Send Feature

The Advanced Search feature, integrated with Tools > Communication > Bulk Send and Tools > Communication > Mailchimp, will help you generate a list of recipients based on their marketing source. Use them for targeted communication and follow-ups, enhancing client engagement and response rates.

By following these steps, you can effectively identify and analyze the best marketing sources for your client base. This workflow not only streamlines the process of gathering client feedback but also offers valuable insights into the impact of your marketing strategies. Remember, regular analysis and adaptation are key to staying ahead in a constantly evolving market.