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Database Encryption Update Sunday 16 June 2019

Progress Updates 

16:41 UTC Everything is completed and back online. Thank you for your patience.

16:32 UTC The tests are all ok. We have installed some updates to the system and are doing a final restart now.

16:22 UTC The database encryption update is complete. We are now running some tests to ensure that it's all ok.

16:09 UTC 87% completed

15:51 UTC We have done 73% of the database.

15:27 UTC We are about half way through the migration.

15:00 UTC The database encryption migration has begin.


On Sunday June 16 at 15:00 UTC, we will be updating the encryption used in our databases. This requires us to take them offline for approximately 1 hour, during which time Power Diary will not be accessible. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Updates will be posted on this page during the procedure.

This update is part of the regular security improvements that we make. Most of the time we do these quietly behind the scenes, but this one requires us to shut down the system.

Here are some local times when this maintenance will be performed:

GMT 15:00

EST 10:00

PST 07:00

NZST 02:00 (Monday)

AEST 00:00

AWST 22:00

Paul Adler