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Customer Team Update

29th June 2020 (Update)

I am please to advise that Live Chat has now been reactivated, and our response times for support requests is improving significantly as we've expanded the Support Team. Thanks very much for your patience.

23rd May 2020:

The word 'unprecedented' is getting thrown around a lot these days, but sometimes it really is the only word that fits.

Like many businesses we're experiencing some unprecedented changes in demand due to COVID-19 and I wanted to quickly touch-base and let you know what these are, and what we are doing in response to this.

Since the end of March we've seen an large increase in Support requests across all channels.  This has been due to a number of factors including:

  • Release of new Telehealth feature
  • Release of new Online Forms feature
  • Release of new Admin Notes and Documents area
  • The increased use of features by existing users: Client Portal for self-bookings, Stripe for online payments, Medicare integration, two-way SMS chat, bulk email and SMS sending, Clinical Notes and more
  • As well as unprecedented levels of practices joining Power Diary.

Initially I thought the increased demand was simply a spike due to the rapid changes COVID required health practices to make, however after a couple of weeks it became clear this was a trend.  As a result we starting increasing our Customer Team's capacity more permanently, including adding new Team Members, and we are continuing to recruit and will be expanding the team further in all regions including Australia, UK and the USA.  We are also implementing some internal process changes to ensure we are managing the increased volumes in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Whilst we are currently assisting more people than anytime in Power Diary's history, I wanted to acknowledge that we are not yet back to our pre-COVID response times.  We are working on it, and we'll be there soon.  

In the interim though we've temporarily paused providing support via Live Chat whilst we work through the large amount of contact we're receiving via email and contact forms. We believe that this is the most fair way of handling this, as it means users who have contacted earlier via one of these methods won't be left waiting longer than need be.  I expect that we'll have Chat back within a week.

I know that Chat is popular with many of our customers, and I apologise that we've needed to temporarily change how we provide support.  I am confident though that this is the right thing to do in the short-term to ensure we are providing the best support possible for all customers.

You can find most answers in our Knowledge Base here  however if you can't find the answer you're looking please contact our Customer Tean on support@powerdiary.com. Remember the more detail you can provide us when you contact (including examples, screenshots etc) the quicker we're able to help.

Finally, thank you for your patience and amazing support during these unusual times!

- Damien

Co founder and Customer Team Manager