Creating, Editing and Deleting Recurring Appointments

Learn how to schedule, edit, or delete recurring appointments in Power Diary, making your scheduling process more efficient and hassle-free.

You can schedule a recurring appointment (which is an appointment that repeats after a fixed period of time) on your Power Diary calendar. This way, you won’t have to reschedule the same appointment again and again. Power Diary will do it for you based on the intervals you have specified.

In addition, you can also edit or delete a recurring appointment as well, and apply the edits to or delete either specific instances or all instances of the recurring appointment.

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We highly recommend that you go through the Creating, Editing and Deleting an Appointment article. It is a quick read which will show you the basics of creating, editing and deleting an appointment. Knowing this is essential because you can only turn an existing appointment in your calendar into a recurring appointment. But if you already know how to create, edit and delete an appointment, you can keep reading this article.

Creating a Recurring Appointment

Start by creating a simple client appointment on your calendar. Once done, follow these steps to turn it into a recurring appointment.

1. In your calendar, click on the appointment you want to turn into a recurring appointment.

2. In the Appointment Settings Panel, click on the Recurring Options icon located on the top-right corner of the When & Where section.

3. Click on Make Recurring.

4. In the pop-up window, choose the settings for your recurring appointment.

  1. Repeats: Choose the duration after which you want your appointment to reoccur i.e. Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  2. Repeat Every: Set how long the time-period between each recurrence will be.  For example, if the appointment is weekly - after how many weeks should it reoccur i.e. 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks etc.
  3. Repeat On: Specify which days an appointment can reoccur.
  4. Starts On: Set the starting date of the recurring appointment.
  5. Ends: Set whether you want the recurring appointment to end after a specific number of instances or at a specific date. 

Once done, click Save.

Editing and Deleting a Recurring Appointment

Editing or deleting a recurring appointment is the same as editing or deleting a normal appointment. However, anytime you make an edit, you will be prompted with this pop-up box:

Here’s what the three buttons do:

  1. This One Only: Applies edits to or deletes the current appointment you’re clicking on.
  2. This & All Following: Applies edits to or deletes the current appointment, plus all future instances of that appointment.
  3. All Appointments: Applies edits to or deletes all instances of the current appointment (including past).