Communicating with Practitioners

Discover how Power Diary enables clinical practitioners to send and receive SMS for efficient communication across multiple locations.

As clinical practitioners, you may be particularly keen to have a reliable method of communicating and collaborating, especially across multiple locations. Power Diary allows you to send SMS to each other, instantly! 


A dedicated Toll-Free Number (TFN) is required to send/receive SMS messages in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Barbados. For more details, please click here

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Practitioners' Mobile Numbers

To get started, you'll want to ensure each of the practitioners' you want to communicate with have a Mobile Number set against their calendar. These are essentially the recipients, and ensure any messages get delivered to their mobiles.

Navigate to  Settings  → Practitioners and pick the practitioner to check their Mobile Number:

Sending SMS to Practitioners

  • You can type anything you'd like at the bottom box, and then click Send Message!

Do note that all outgoing SMS are chargeable according to our advertised pricing, but any replies by practitioners' appear immediately in the Messaging Panel and are free of charge.