Closing, Storing, or Pausing Your Account

Learn how to manage your Power Diary subscription. Discover options to store, pause, or close your account, ensuring flexibility for your business needs.

An account’s subscription can be managed by the account’s master user (usually the individual who created the account). 

You’re able to store, pause or close your account. Power Diary offers these three different account options so that you have the flexibility to have your account managed in the way that is best for your business' current situation. 


To access this option you will need to be the account’s master user (usually the individual who set the account up). If this is someone else, you will need to have them complete this process.

1. To make a change to your subscription, navigate to  Settings > Subscription > Subscription Information:

2.  In the ' Close, Store or Pause Account' section, click on the 'See Your Options Here': 

3. Read the provided information carefully. When you have made your decision, click the 'CLOSE< STORE OR PAUSE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW': 

4. From there, simply complete the account update form and submit it to our team for review. After a processing period (usually no more than 1-2 business days) you will receive confirmation of your account update’s completion

Understanding Your Options

Power Diary offers a few different account statuses to help allow flexibility to business owners, with each being suited to different circumstances. 

Storing Your Account

Storage mode is a read-only version of Power Diary, meaning you benefit from our security and backup procedures at a reduced monthly fee. This option suits businesses or practitioners that may have ceased practicing but still need access to or storage of their patients health data for a period of time.

You'll continue to have all your information securely stored in Power Diary, and enjoy continued access in 'read-only' mode for a low monthly cost of:  

  • AUD $10, NZD $10, US $10, CAD $10
  • GBP £8, EUR €8 
  • ZAR105

Some of the features like creating new appointments, new clients, and sending messages will be disabled, but you will have access to all historic data and will be able to edit and download your notes and invoices. 

Pausing Your Account

If you or your business are taking a break from operating, due to travel, ill-health or something else, pausing the account allows the account to enter the read-only mode for a short period of up to three months. If you need to return to full operation in earlier that three months' time, please let us know the pause period end date. 

Paused accounts will still give you access to all your information securely stored in Power Diary, in 'read-only' mode. There is no charge for an account while it is paused. 

Closing Your Account

If you no longer wish to use Power Diary you can close your account. This means the account and any data stored in it would no longer be accessible and your monthly fees would cease. Before doing so must confirm that you have exported all of your account data, as it will no longer be stored by our platform after the account is closed. 

Reactivating Your Account

If you need to start using your Power Diary account before the requested pause period ends, or end the storage period to regain full access to your account's features, please email to and state the date when your account needs to be made active again.